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    Reasons As To Why Asians Are so Slim

    Statistically speaking, the slimmest ethnicity on the planet is of Asian people. Most of you are going to say that this is genetics. While this is true but that is one part of the reason. The major reasons for their slimness are their centuries-old traditions as well as their habits towards foods that have allowed […] More

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    These Common Habits Are Damaging Your Kidneys

    Kidneys are the most important organs of the human body tasked with the duty to do the following important functions. Adding in production of new Red Blood cells Regulating the blood pressure Detoxifying the internal organs Eliminating excess water Controlling the levels of the minerals This is why a person should take real good care […] More

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    Little-Known Uses Of Baking Soda For Making You Look Gorgeous (part 2)

    Well, ladies, we made a list of the amazing uses of baking soda for the beauty benefits of the ladies. Now we are back with some more of the little known uses of baking soda for making you look gorgeous. Treating Dark Circles under the eyes The undereye bags aka the dark circles are normally […] More

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    Signs That You Suffer From Gluten Sensitivity

    Gluten has been nicknamed as Silent Killer as it can result in chronic damage to the entire body without it even realizing it. People often do not consider the deadly consequence of gluten consumption as they do not even realize they have it.   So in order to check the gluten sensitivity in one’s body, […] More

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    Body Signs No One Should Ignore

    The human body tries to tell us all the time if something is the wrong side of it, the thing is that we need to listen to it closely. The one way that the body tries to tell us the problems we have is through the signs on it that can be like changes in […] More