Teeth Care Tips From Dentists

It is good to have a dentist friend. Although they will not treat you for free, they are going to impart some of their dental wisdom upon you that will save you quite a few bucks on the dental health. They will be able to tell you about the dangers you may have never even thought about before. Surprisingly the dental health all depend s upon tinniest of the details.

Today for our readers we have gathered some little things about dental health.

So scroll down to have a read of these teeth care tips from dentists.

Avoid brushing teeth right after having a meal

brushing teeth

There is a good chance of damaging the enamel if you brush right after the meal and that too with a hard toothbrush.  Foods and drinks tend to disturb the pH level in the mouth making the enamel of the teeth softer for a little time.

According to dentists, it is best to brush your teeth at least after 30 minutes of having a meal.

Public Swimming pool visitors are prone to Teeth Damages

Without a doubt, swimming is good for health but the problem they pose to teeth is the chemical the public pools use to disinfect their pools. These disinfectants can pose a serious threat to the teeth.

While doctors do recommend swimming as great cardio, it is advised to either swim with your mouth out of the water or swimming in the fresh or salt waters during summertime.

Drink coffee right away instead of over the course of 30 minutes

Drink coffee

Most of us drink coffee or tea in a similar way; taking sips over the course of nearly 30 minutes. While we do this, the coffee we so slowly drink works to destroy the enamel of the teeth. Dentists advise that one should finish up their beverage as soon as possible.

Have your teeth checked before planning a pregnancy

Cavities are the open source of infection that can spread from tissue to the gums and then enter in the bloodstream to infect the fetus. This can lead to premature birth or the baby developing some serious congenital diseases.

Never Brush teeth in the shower or while sitting on the toilet


While brushing your teeth, it is advised that you should not be distracted from anything. Cleaning of the teeth is a process that requires utmost attention. It is advised to always brush your teeth in front of a mirror to help you see well so that you won’t accidentally damage the gums or enamels of the teeth.

Beans can damage bad teeth even more

Beans contain a substance called “phytohemagglutinin” which is a protein that causes quick cell division. Eating the bean while having a cavity can lead to you having a problem called “granuloma”.  The risk o developing it is low, but it is better to be safe than sorry afterward.

Never chew on ice and pierce your tongue


Those who tend to chew on the ice more often in summer, beware as it can damage both your gums and enamel of teeth. Dental fillings are also at risk when a person chews a lot of ice.

Same is the reason for the tongue piercing because a metal piece can lead to possible damage at some point in time. Also, do not use yr teeth to open packs of food or the bottle cap of a beverage bottle.

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