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These Skincare Mistakes Make Skin Pores Appear Larger

There are many causes that can affect our skin pores and make them appear larger than usual like excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells and certain kind of skin bacteria, which can cause these pores to clog up. Taking care of one’s facial skin is very crucial but in some cases people become too obsessed with it. This is no brainer that taking too much care of something is actually going to be more harmful than beneficial. Same is the case for our skin and the daily facial treatment products we use for it as well as the habits. They can all contribute heavily towards harming one’s skin pores more than any of the other external factors ever could. Today we discovered that are actually some skincare mistakes that can make the skin pores appear unusually larger.

We have made a list of these skincare mistakes that make the skin pores appear large below. So take a note of these mistakes and avoid them in future.

Frequently using the oil blotting papers

Women often use the oil blotting paper during the warm summer days which causes lots of sweat and the oil to be secreted from the face. In these situations these papers might be helpful but there use for a prolonged period of time causes significant harms to the skin’s pores. The fact is that the skin does need a layer of oil, it may be really thin but it still needs it. By removing that very layer of oil protection, a person is actually forcing their skin to produce more oil. This causes the skin pores to be clogged and appear larger.

Extraction of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads

Yes, we are aware of how satisfying it feels to pop a pimple but it should always be done under safe conditions. There are bacteria on the skin and when a pimple is popped, that popped skin spot is vulnerable to bacteria to invade the wound and affect it. In simpler terms, popping the pimple which was not ready for extraction lets the bacteria enter the inner skin layers. This actually causes the whole pimple situation to worsen as the irritation then spreads rapidly that not only makes the pores larger but also the wounds leave acne scars.

Exfoliating the skin too often

Exfoliation of skin helps with removal of dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt that causes the pores to be clogged up. This is a simple action that is indeed refreshing and can make the skin pores appear smaller. But what you might not know is that exfoliation is to be done only 1 to 2 times a week. Over exfoliation causes the skin to get dried up and the skin pores to open without any layer of oil to protect them. These large pores will then gather dust from their surroundings and make the skin pores appear much larger than they are.

Washing your face simply with water 2 times each day can even cause the natural oil layer to be removed. The skin without a thin layer of oily protection is sensitive against dirt and dust which causes problems like acne and inflammation.

Letting the skin get dry

If a person has dry skin, they might know that it not only makes them appear older but also have wrinkles on their face. There is one more side effect of dry skin and that is the skin pores get flattened and appear bigger. So not only is it making a person appear older but also have larger skin pores.

Luckily for our readers, it is preventable. All you need to do is to choose tonic water and a great skin moisturizer for your particular skin type. Apply both of them on regular basis.

Use of the pore-blocking products

The skincare products are available in large quantities and in a wide selection of ingredients but not all of them are to be applied on face. Examples include products like coconut oil, lanolin oil, and cocoa butter; all of which have those pore clogging properties. While they are good for keeping the facial skin moisturized, there can also cause blemishes as well as keep the dirt buried deep within the skin pores.

Pimples caused by use of such skin care products often stretch the skin pores. This is why, it is better for a person to look for a goo facial cream and use these natural oils on other part of their body.

Retouching the makeup too often

During the daytime, the makeup tends to start wearing off and this is natural. There is no side effect of doing a little touchup but this must not be done in an obsessive manner. As we said earlier, the human skin produces oil and when a woman dabs their face with powder again and again; their face creates a layer made up of dirt, makeup and oil. Do this on regular basis and you are guaranteed to have different kind of skin conditions like acne breakouts.

Harmful food

There are many foods that are harmful for one’s health like the following.

  • Dairy products
  • Alcohol
  • Foods with refined sugar
  • Spicy foods
  • Fired foods

These foods tend to trigger the inflammation process in the body and this makes the skin prone to acne breakouts. Acne is a skin condition that is really not great to look at and it also weakens one’s sebaceous glands as well as the openings of their hair follicles that make the skin pores appear larger.

This is why, in order for you to keep your appearance younger and fit, one needs to follow a healthy diet plan as well as adopt an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise.

Not using the sun protection

Sunlight is indeed healthy for our body but not during the times when it is really bright and exposure during that time can even lead to deadly skin diseases. Even if the sunlight during daytime is not that harmful, it still makes the skin thicken up and removes the layer of collagen, water and elastin from the skin. Removal of such things causes the skin tissues to shrivel and shrink. This shrinking of the skin tissue causes the edges of one’s pores to appear saggy. This is why, during the summer days, go outside dring daytime with proper care.

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