Tips For Instant First Aid

If a person knows the basics of the first aid, they can actually help save a lot of lives or at least keep a condition from getting worsened before the actual medical treatment. When a person finds themselves in a medical emergency, they need to be able to assess the situation on their toes and be known to the things that they can use to help and what can’t.

For our readers today we have gathered a bunch of amazing tips for instant first aid that will help you save the day i.e. until the real helps comes.



When you find yourselves dealing with a wound, it is best to keep the wounded place elevated right above the heart level. This not only helps to calm down the swelling but also helps to drain the fluids away from the wounded place. Suppose if you have a wound on the buttocks or hips, it is best to lie down and elevate the area with the help of pillows. In case you cannot keep the wound elevated for long, at least try to keep it near the heart level.

First-degree burns

Superficial burns or also commonly known as the First Degree Burns are the one that affects only the upper layer of the skin. While they might cause pain, they are nothing serious. The best way to treat them early on is to wash them with lukewarm water. Cold water seems like an obvious choice of treatment but it can actually lead to more tissue damage.

After washing it off with warm water, it is then recommended to apply a cold compress over these types of burns.

Heart attacks

Heart attacks

When a person suffers from serious health conditions such as a heart attack; early first aid tips can actually help to reduce the damage to a great extent. If a person starts to experience a heart attack, they need to chew on an aspirin. Aspirin causes the blood to be diluted, thus causing the function of blood platelets to be inhibited which are the reason for causing blood clots that in turn blocks the arteries.

When taking the aspirin, it is best to take it in small doses and instead of swallowing it, it is better to chew on it as it works way faster. This is only a first aid tip and you should call the professional medical sources as soon as you start experiencing or someone close to you suffers from a heart attack.

Bee stings

First of all, if you get a sting from a bumblebee, you need to remove that stinger of his immediately. It is a common belief that pulling out the bee stinger tends to slow down the flow of poison in the body but the thing that is important is the removal of the stinger. You need to remove it as soon as possible; be it with the help of tweezers, rubbing or scratching.

The reason for this instant bee stinger removal is that after a bee stings, it releases certain pheromones that attract the other bees in the vicinity ad they also start to sting you out of defense.

After removing the stinger and leaving the bee-infested area, you need to wash it with cold water and contact the emergency services.

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