Tips to Bring Back a Person From Exhaustion

Whatever time of the day or whatever thing you are doing, such as walking in a mall or taking a walk, exhaustion is something that can suddenly take over you at the most unfortunate moments. Often fatigue is triggered by the stress or the lack of exercise while other times it is characterized due to the poor diet and the bad working environment. Still, whatever you do or wherever you happen to be, there is always a way to get a boost of energy with 10 cups of coffee and a 10-hour sleep.


For our readers today, who often have to go through sudden exhaustion and fatigue bouts, we present to you some tips to bring back a person from exhaustion.

20-minute “power nap”

20-minute “power nap”

According to the researchers, the 20-minute power nap is the most appropriate time for making a person feels not only alert but also productive after they wake up. While a deep night good quality sleep gives the mind and body a complete rejuvenation; the 20-minute power nap provides the body with much more needed energy for continuing their work. Below are the few tips for having a quality power nap.

  • Take the nap is dark and cool places without any noise.
  • To avoid light, wear sleep masks.
  • Take the nap strictly after at least 1 hour of having lunch.
  • Refresh yourself after the nap with a quick splash of cool water.

Sitting up straight

Sitting up straight

According to various studies, sitting in the right posture such as sitting up straight allows for the body to fight against fatigue and also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. One other study revealed that people who sit upright tend to have better moods as well as experience fewer emotions of negativity when compared with those who sit in a leaning posture.

More tips to improve the conditions of fatigue is to perform some light stretches while you sit on your office chair. This will improve blood circulation as well as give the body an appropriate amount of energy.

Smelling the cinnamon stick

The nice aromatic smell emanating from the cinnamon sticks give a great effect to the human brain. It not only enhances the activity of the brain but also fights against the loss of memory as well as nervous tension which allows a person to think faster and work more productively.

Other scents which can make the exhaustion go away include that of orange and lemon essential oils. Still, do not be huffing on these essential oils for long as they can trigger allergic reactions and irritations.

Sitting in sunshine

Sitting in sunshine

When a person sits most of the day in paces daytime with darkness, they start to feel dizzy and tired. Darkness is something that causes the body to produce less amount of serotonin, which is a crucial neurotransmitter of the human body that makes a person happy and filled with energy. The only way to combat this is to stay in more places with lots of sunshine. Open up the curtains of the room in the early morning and simply bask in that slightly warm sunlight or better yet, take a walk outside.

Breathe in the fresh oxygen of the early morning while enjoying those little sun rays. A walk in the morning will make you feel happy and energetic for the rest of the day.

Drinking a DIY energy drink

Across the internet, you can easily find a lot of DIY energy drink recipes but we have decided to present our readers with one special one. This recipe only needs 4 easily obtainable ingredients which are as follows.

  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Honey
  • Water

Below are the steps to making this energy drink and to drink it up for filling those empty energy reserves.

  • Mix 1 tbsp of the lemon juice, ginger juice, and honey all together on a cup.
  • In this mixture add 1 cup of plain water and then mix the water thoroughly.
  • Now add some little ice cubes and enjoy this energy filling drink.

Drinking a plain glass of water

Drinking a plain glass of water

Experts have revealed that one of the causes for the exhaustion is dehydration that may trigger extreme fatigue and tiredness. As for other symptoms of dehydration, they are as follows.

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings

Most of us are so busy in the daily activities that we often neglect to drink in the adequate amount of water that our body requires. We only drink a glass of water when we almost feel parched. So we recommend that the next time you feel dizzy or sleepy, drink that glass of water ASAP.

Special foot massage for stress relieve

Stress has long since been determined to be one of the main causes of exhaustion near the end of a long busy day. A nice stress-relieving massage on feet can be the one that can work wonders for the tired body. The human foot contains almost 7000 nerve endings along with 19 muscles, 26 bone sand 107 ligaments. If the pressure is applied right on the specific areas of the feet, it can not only relieve the pain but also get rid of theta stress as well as the fatigue.

A foot massage is usually carried out by a soft rub on the sole of the feet while pressing gently on the pressure points at least for a few seconds with either knuckles or the thumbs.

Chewing on almonds

Chewing on almonds

Another cause of the exhaustion in the daytime is the lack of energy from not eating anything. For those times, chewing on some almonds can be a great snacking choice. Almonds are rich in L-carnitine and riboflavin, which are the elements that can increase brain activity. In addition to these elements, almonds are also enriched with vitamins, minerals like magnesium, copper, and manganese. All of these combined can increase body health along with recovering memory loss.

To end our article, we would like to say that these tips we presented above are effective for most people. Still, if a person feels exhausted for many days in a row and nothing works to get rid of the exhaustion, they should then consult with a doctor at their earliest convenience.

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