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Tips to Help Add Volume to Your Thin Hair

Hairs on a human head are like any other part of the human body that needs not only special care but also proper medical attention. If a person suffers from damaged and thin hairs, then it can reveal a lot about their overall health condition like suffering from poor dietary conditions. Well, you do not need to worry if you have thing hair volume because there are a lot of natural tips and ways to increase hair volume as well as allow the hairs to grow in a fabulous and healthy manner.

Today for our readers, we have gathered a bunch of tips to help add volume to your thin hair.

Using a mixture of gelatin and essential oil

One thing that most of us often forget about the product called gelatin is that it is an enriched source for protein.  In only half a cup of gelatin, there are nearly 2 grams of proteins. This is the reason that gelatin makes up for a great ingredient to be used in making a hair mask for strengthening and thickening the damaged and thin hairs.

For making a gelatin hair mask, add some unflavored gelatin in water and then add in a few drops of the essential oil. Mix them both well before applying on the hairs and massage them thoroughly.

Wait for a bit before rinsing the hairs with only cold water.

Applying the Greek yogurt & egg hair mask

Eggs are known to be a rich source for biotin, vitamin B12, and protein which are all the necessary things for providing strength to thin as well as oily hairs. While the idea of having your hair washed with eggs might seem like an unpleasant act, the benefits of doing so will actually be amazing enough even after first use.

Take a few of the eggs and mix them thoroughly in Greek yogurt. Apply this egg and yogurt mixture on your hairs ad let it sit for at least 1 hour.  Afterward, wash the hairs only with cold water and dry them off with a microfiber towel and thank us for the amazing effects.

Sleep while keeping hairs in the shape of a bun

One of the best tips to add volume to your thin hair is to give them proper care when a person sleeps.  Wash your hairs right before sleeping and then use the scrunchie to pull these still wet hairs in form of a bun which should be really tight. Creating this hair bun will not only dry the hairs overnight but also allow you to see double the original volume in hairs and their wave-like shape.

For having a curlier look, try creating 2 buns because curls tend to give the hairs not only a natural twist but a natural texture too.

Massaging the scalp with any lightweight oil before shampooing

As per one study, massaging a scalp can also help to add volume to your thin hair but also thickens them. Massage tends to help with blood circulation. For better results, try massaging the scalp with some circular motions right before shampooing them.

The best oil to massage the hairs before shampooing is coconut oil. The coconut oil is highly beneficial for hairs that are damaged and frizzy.

Adding more fruits, vegetables, and protein in the diet

If a person suffers from having the thin hairs then it simply won’t affect the hair volume but also contributes to its breakage. For those of you who wish to have long and strong healthy hairs, they must definitely include the green leafy vegetables as well as fruits in their daily diet. Human hairs need iron, vitamins, and biotin for having continuous healthy growth. Many of the vegetables like beans and spinach are rich in Ion while the fruits are normally a great source for vitamins.

As for the few enriched sources of biotin, they include cauliflower, peanuts, and bananas. Proteins are also a necessary item for having strong and healthy hairs and for that the best sources are soybeans and whole grains.

Minimize use of hair electronics and use rollers

If you like to have strong and healthy hairs then remember that heat is not the friend, instead, it can lead to considerable hair damage. After you have washed your hairs, dry them with a towel gently and then only use the blow dryer on its low heat setting. Refrain from using the hair curling iron; instead, make use of the set of the hot rollers for the hairs. Separate hairs in a few sections and roll each one of them and afterward, wait for about an hour before unrolling them. Before unrolling the hair rollers, spray some type of hairspray on the hairs to make their volume last longer.

Applying egg and avocado hair mask once in a week

If you want the hair volume on a level of a supermodel, you never need the chemical products. Natural products also work at the same level as the avocado and the egg hair mask. Mix the pulp of one ripe avocado in few eggs and then add on the Argan or olive oil along with a 1 tbsp of honey. Mix them well again before applying this paste on hairs as a mask. This hair mask can be applied on both wet and dry hairs. Let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing the mask off. With regular usage, the person will notice the visible and quick difference in hair growth as well as hair volume.

Using hair color spray for adding hair volume

Apply hair color to the hairs is like applying makeup on the face. If the hair color is applied in the right places it can even give the total change in one’s hairstyle as well as their appearance to make them appear fuller and stronger.

For those with darker hairs, they should apply hair color on hair roots where the contrast will be more obvious. A hairdresser can help you get a unique hairstyle and look by mixing 2 to 3 different hair colors as well as giving the impression of having added volume to the thing hairs.

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