Tips to Lower the risk of Stomach Bloating

One of the most bothersome of the stomach related disorders is the Stomach Bloating. In fact at one point in life nearly every person on the planet experiences this discomforting situation. The symptoms for every person might vary but one thing that is always the same in case of stomach bloating is the feeling of having increased pressure in the abdominal region.

This condition is often associated with many other disorders such as the IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome), but often, it is triggered after eating some heavy meal or eating something wrong.

Today we bring to you some effective tips to lower the risk of stomach bloating.

Mindful eating

A person can lower their risk of stomach bloating by eating in small portions and in slow manner. If a person pays more attention to what they are eating, then they are also mindful about what they eat. This allows for a person to enjoy their food more as their brain will have enough time to process what the person is really eating.

This ay of eating is dubbed as Mindful Eating. This means that a person needs to think about the food they eat as a mane to treat their body well instead of abusing it. In layman term, mindful eating means a person to eat food while savoring every bite instead of eating it in a hurried manner. Other parts of mindful eating that can help a person lower their risks of stomach bloating are as follows.

  • Cooking the meal yourself
  • Hydrating the body
  • Avoiding multitasking
  • Respecting the body and its health

Avoid foods that can trigger gas

No, this is not a lie that the green vegetables are really great for a healthy body; they are indeed really healthy for the human body. Some green vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and kale are really enriched with nutrients and fibers that one needs to ingest to keep the digestive system working at optimum capacity. Still, these foods are also enriched with a compound called Raffinose. This is a sugar based compound that only the bacteria in gut can digest and the fermentation of this compound is what leads to bloating and gas.

We do not recommend throwing away vegetables off of your diet plan because of that. Instead, we recommend eating them in small portions and try steaming or boiling them to minimize the sugar content inside them.

Watch the amount salt intake

Message about excessive salt consumption.

If a person feels they are bloating more than usual, then they need to check their salt intake. Eating foods which are rich in Sodium Chloride can slow down the ability of the body to get rid of the excess water. This often leads to a person feeling as if there is a balloon inside their stomach. As per the recommendation from The American Heart Association, the average daily sodium intake of a human adult should not be more than 1500 mg per day.

Salt is hard to avoid as it is present nowadays in almost any kind of processed and the packaged food. One way to flush the excess slat from the body to regain the health is to start drinking water in excess.

Try eating more fruits

For those who have abused the use of salt in their daily diet, we recommend to counter the effects with eating healthy fruits such as bananas. They prevent the body from getting any water stuck inside due to the high sodium content. Bananas are enriched with potassium which is able to regulate the salt to reduce and prevent stomach bloating.

Other fruits such as Papaya and Pineapple have enzymes that can break down the proteins in the system to increase the ability of the stomach to digest food faster. This is why eating these fruits after a meal can be healthy to strengthen the digestive system and its functioning. In addition to preventing bloating, they also prevent the risk of constipation.

Drinking chamomile & peppermint teas


Make a habit for drinking a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea after eating a heavy meal. Both of these teas are known to relax the muscles spasms especially for the stomach muscles. This in turn can reduce the risk of stomach bloating.

Chamomile tea is not only great to aid the digestion but also to relax the mind so that you might not need to pay attention to the belly problems. If you cannot drink the peppermint tea, there are also peppermint supplements available in market. They also work as if the tea would.

Taking probiotics

We do hope for your sake that you love some of the probiotic foods, primarily the plain Yogurt. This is because with the healthy cultures in the probiotics, the body is already having a safeguard against myriad stomach related disorders. Human stomach houses billions of bacteria and some of them can lead to the digestive tract producing gas.

Probiotics help to regulate this production of gut gas and also prevent the stomach bloating. There are also probiotic supplements available in the market these days. If the yogurt is too sour for you, then you can try adding a little organic honey in it for taste.

Getting a Belly massage

If a person has eaten a heavy meal and they are starting to feel discomfort in the stomach, then they should lie down flat and ask someone to give them a belly massage or better yet, do it yourself.

The belly massage can help the person by lowering the food in the stomach and relieving the tightness and pressure which causes stomach bloating.

Doing yoga

Most of us do not like the idea of having a walk after a heavy meal. Well, if you are that guy then you might suffer from the symptoms of gas and the acid reflux. Still, in this case we do not recommend taking the medication but instead doing 15 minutes of simple yoga can be extremely helpful.

There are numerous yoga poses that can help a person deal with the stomach bloating buy stimulating the entire body’s organs.

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