Tips to Make Hairs Silky Smooth and Straight via Natural Ways

Most of the women are blessed with naturally straight hair and they wish for the curly ones while on the other hand there are those blessed with natural curls but they wish for straight hair. In order to achieve their desired hairstyle, they are not hesitant to try anything. This means spending lots of money on expensive hair care cosmetic. But did you know that some of the chemicals in these hair care products cannot sit well with the nature of your hair and even damage them from the inside and outside?

Well, we feel the plight of all the ladies who wish for straight hair. This is why we have gathered a list of tips to make hair silky smooth and straight via natural ways.

Proper hair styling is to be started in the shower

A good hairdo can never be created without the right conditioner and a shampoo. The recommendation for this case is to use the hair care products which have Keratin in them. Keratin is known for its hair straightening properties.

The proper care for hair starts right after taking the shower. While you may use a towel for drying your hairs you need to know that a good towel is the one with which his made from a material that is highly water absorbent. The best recommendation for this is to use the Bamboo bathroom towel, which is also antibacterial.

Also as you dry your hairs, be sure to do it in a gentle manner to avoid any hair damage. Only rub the towel along the length of your hairs for removal of excess moisture.

Choosing the right comb

A comb is another thing that a woman needs to use for straightening her hair. Do not use those hairbrushes as they are made to treat the curly hairs. If you already have straight hairs, then the use of brushes might cause the hairs to start curling, especially from the ends.

The recommend comb for women is the one that has wide teeth as it helps to untangle the hairs. This comb is also helpful in applying the conditioner to each of the hair strands.

Make hairs straight by proper combing

It is recommended by beauticians to let the hairs dry up on their own but still, cob the hairs after every few minutes. To comb the hairs, be sure to part them in few sections and also pull on each section individually to allow for hairs to be straight.

Hairdryers can be used to dry hairs buy they need to be used on cool setting only.

A ponytail is effective to take care of curly hair

After you have washed your hair, wait until the hairs are 70 percent dry. At this point, make a light ponytail of the hairs. If you have hairs that fall out of the ponytail or have bangs, then try to fix them in place with some hairpins. Also, be sure to not have any tangles in the hairs by combing them.

La Toca; the hair styling technique of Latin Americans

There is a secret hair straightening technique from the Latin American women which is now no more a secret. The name of this technique is La Toca. Women of Latin America used this technique to treat their curls. They start out by washing the hairs and then let them dry on their own. Nowadays you can use the hairdryer on a cool setting for this step. Afterward, wrap the mostly dried up hairs around the head and fix them in place with the hairpins. Simply sleep having this hairstyle and in the morning simply remove the pins and you will have straight hairs.

3-oils mask

There is a 3-oil hair mask that has helped women achieve straight hairs for many decades. The three oils use to make this mask are the castor oil, burdock oil, and olive oil. Mix all of these oils in equal quantities. The amounts of these oils depend on how thick and long one’s hairs are.

Mix this oil mixture in heated bathwater and then apply it along the full length of the hairs. Afterward, wrap the hairs in an only a warm towel and let this mask sit on for about 1 hour.

Olive oil mask

In case you do not have burdock and castor oil, you can also only use the Olive oil. Simply warm 3 tbsp of the olive oil and then apply it over your hairs. Cover the hairs in a plastic wrap which will help create a greenhouse effect for your hairs. Let his mask sit on for the night to achieve better results and then wash them in the morning. The mask is a little hard to get rid of so you will be needed to shampoo your hair a few times.

Another great remedy to get straight hairs is to wash your hairs with 1 bucket of warm water which has lemon juice mixed in it.

Using colorless henna

When all of the hair care products were not available, women mostly made use of Henna to treat their hair problems.  This is why Henna is also effective in getting the straight hairs and has been sued by centuries by women who are fed up with curly hairs.

Be sure to use the colorless henna for this purpose. Henna helps by making the structure of hairs thicker which allows them to be heavier than before and be straight as well. Henna is also effective in getting rid of dandruff and to prevent the split ends.

Apple cider vinegar acts as the natural hair straightener

A remedy for straightening one’s hair can be made with Apple Cider Vinegar as well. Simply add 2 tbsp of the ACV in 1 cup of clear water and mix them well. Afterward, pour this mixture in a spraying bottle.

Now wash your hairs and then spray this mixture over the entire length of the hairs. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse them off with only warm water.

You can also store this mixture for future use by adding 1 glass of ACV in 1.5 liters of clear water. Simply store this ACV and water mixture in a spraying bottle and use it every time you wash your hair.  

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