Toy Companies Are Making Toys Which Will Help Disabled children

It has been quite long that disabled children were left out purposefully from the popular kid cultures such as the toys, storybooks and the cartoons. But now one organization named has decided to change all that as they have started their movement of creating the toys that are going to be relatable to the children with disabilities. The purpose behind these toys is going to show the whole world that these disabled children are also the part of the human life and also to spread awareness that these kids are not lesser as compared to others.

We adore and love this movement from this organization and support for what it truly stands for. This is why we want to tell you more about the company that is making toys for disabled children so that more people can learn about it and follow the example of these people.


Back in April of 2015, Rebecca Atkinson, a journalist based in the UK along with the parents of many disabled children started a campaign by the name #ToyLikeMe. The purpose behind this campaign was to address the issue of the lack of diverse toys with which the disabled children could truly relate to. The campaign starters made a Facebook Page as well as where everyone was free to post their ideas as well as pictures for the toys that disabled children could relate to.


While this campaign did grab a lot of attention from the people all across the world, the parents of the disabled children could not rest unless all these ideas to help make relatable toys became a reality. Only 2 weeks after that campaign started, the starters of the campaign contacted the company based in the UK. That particular company creates toys with the use of the 3D Printing technique and the company officials agreed to make a new range of the dolls that the disabled children could relate to. This is how the first toys that had disabilities were manufactured.


Around the globe, there are approximately 150 million disabled children and despite the world’s toy industry having a total worth of 9.2 billion dollars plus, they have failed to produce toys that are relatable to disabled children, until recently. Thanks to this massive campaign initiative that has spread like wildfire on the internet, many of the top toy manufacturers are answering this noble call and are making toys that are specifically for children with disabilities.


Now after some time, this campaign of #ToyLikeMe started once on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms reached the toy manufacturing giants like the Lego and now they too have released their own line of toys that are made to have their disabilities and have been released worldwide.

Back in 2016, Lego launched there very own and the first mini-figure that uses a wheelchair and seeing that many other toy manufacturing companies have followed their suit. Now in stores, you can see a wide range of toys that have disabilities with many models having their own canes, birthmarks and hearing impairments.


Despite all this success for the 3ToyLikeMe campaign, their journey does not stop here. This organization now has followers in almost 45 countries across the globe and they have also received the donations from the crowdfunding campaign.

The mission of #ToyLikeMe is to influence the toy industry of the globe continuously as well as spreading awareness via workshops in schools and making public exhibitions. Their dream is to makes these disabled children feel appreciated as well as accepted by the world.


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