Tricks One Should Know Before Weight Loss

Acupressure is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique that is based on the concept of life energy that moves around our boy. These techniques actually work on several pressure points that are connected to some major organs of our body. If a person applies appropriate pressure on these points, it can help treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Today we have gathered a few of the pressure points that are helpful in the aid of weight loss.

So, scroll down to learn about these special ancient Chinese Acupressure points to help aid in your weight loss journey.

Ear point

This ear point is the control point for appetite. You can find it easily by placing the thumb in front of the triangular shaped flap on the ear. After this, close and open our mouth several times to feel the point of the maximum movement.

Press this point for 1 to 3 minutes several times a day. This will help you have control over appetite and reach the weight loss goals that you are aiming to reach.

Upper Lip

Upper Lip

As the name suggests, this pressure point is located in the center of the nose and the upper lip. If you feel hungry or anxiety any time of the day, just press this pressure point for 1 to 5 minutes.

Knee point

This pressure point is not only helpful in improving the digestive system but is also effective for many female hormonal problems.

The pressure point is located 5 cm below the kneecap and slightly in the center towards the off side of the leg. Your stomach will function properly if you apply pressure on this point with forefinger for 2 minutes each day.

The identification of this pressure point is that when you use it, you will feel mild pain or discomfort.

Elbow point

Elbow point

The location of this pressure point can be found by moving the thumb width’s distance from the elbow joint to the inside of the elbow crease. Press this pressure point for 1 minute each day. The stimulation of this point allows the body to remove excess body heat and moisture. This, in turn, helps improve bowel function and also prevents fluid retention.

Ankle point

This pressure point is located on the inside of the leg, which is 5 cm above the ankle. Apply pressure or 1 minute on this point with your thumb every day. Note to self, release the pressure slowly from this point. This aids immensely in the body to lose weight.

The key to feeling the changes from these tips is to practice these pressure points daily. Soon you will experience the changes in your body. These acupressure points also work more effectively if a person performing them controls their appetite and adopts a healthy lifestyle.

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