Types of Hunger and Different Way To Control Each Of Them

Hunger is one of the most interesting phenomenons for every biological creature. This phenomenon not only happens to be just physical needs but at times it can also be emotional too. Sometimes a person feels like they can literally just eat anything but surprisingly at those times you end up eating taking a few bites. At some times the blood sugar level of body drops and you are to eat something but do not feel like it. Well, what is the trigger for hunger? Is it just a nutritional requirement of the body or is this something more than that?

Today we have decided to let our readers know about types of hunger and a different way to control each of them.

Eye hunger

When a person simply cannot resist eating by simply looking at the food presented in a sophisticated manner, then it is called Eye Hunger.

This usually happens in the following cases.

  • At a restaurant, seeing food on the neighboring table
  • Seeing in either newspaper or the advertisement
  • On TV

In each of these cases, you have a sudden urge to try it.

To Control it:

Instead of focusing on food, divert your focus on other things. For example, when at a restaurant instead of looking at the food, try looking at the following things.

  • Looking at the person sitting on the table
  • Looking at the paintings
  • Looking at the flowers

This will immediately divert your mind and focus off of the food.

Mind hunger

Sometimes, your mind tells you that sugar is bad for the body but the next moment it tells you to help yourself a tasty dessert. This is called Mind Hunger and is one of the most difficult to control out of all hunger types.  The reason is that the mind constantly changes its moods.

To control it:

The human mind makes important decisions based on the information it is fed. This is why a person must remind their mind from time to time about the difference between actual hunger and mind hunger. For example, if you have an urge for food, try switching the cake with cabbage, if the body is truly hungry, it will eat the cabbage too.

Nose hunger

The rich aroma from the food can make any person go crazy or more appropriately Hungry. Smells of food like the following can all make a person go hungry and urge them to eat at that very moment.

  • Baking bread
  • Brewing coffee
  • Melting Cheese

A person who happens to be a foodie will always smell the foods around them. The freshness of food in ancient times was also ensured by smelling it.

To Control it:

Whenever a dish is served to you with lots of ingredients then start eating patiently. Sell each of the ingredients before eating. This way you will be actually enjoying the food more and eating less than the normal.

Mouth hunger

Some dishes just make a person start drooling. In fact, these foods are so appetizing that a person ends up eating them just to satisfy their taste buds. Moth has different desires for food. Sometimes it is going to crave for spicy foods while other times it will be craving for tasty desserts. The main thing here is that Mouth Hunger is only associated with cravings.

To control it:

It is not entirely harmful to fulfill your moth’s food-related desires. The thing that is important is to stop your hands form eating further after the craving is satisfied. Eating a full plate of desired food is not a good idea. 2 to 4 bites of such foods can satisfy your cravings.

Stress Hunger

At one point in life, we have all heard that when a person is stressed they eat more. The thing is true but it is only a regretful decision. In stress, a person normally does not pay attention to what they are actually eating.

To control it:

While controlling Stress Hunger is not easy, it is still not impossible. Before eating under stress, a person only needs to remind themselves about the long term effects of their eating. In order to do so, try looking at the mirror and you will be able to tell yourself that in stress you will be only increasing your problems by overeating.

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