Unexpected Yet Amazing Uses Of Green Tea

While green tea has become one of the beloved and most favorite drinks in the world of today, you might not be that much surprised to know that it has really some amazing health benefits. Well, the question here is what are those benefits?  You guys do not need to worry about it as we have taken care of this question.

We present to you some unaccepted yet amazing uses of Green tea that are surprisingly easy and filled with numerous health benefits.

Soothes sunburns

Soothes sunburns

The first cure for sunburns might be Aloe Vera gel; however, the Green tea is also equally beneficial. It has properties that fight off inflammation which is common with sunburns. Simply soak a clean piece of cloth in some cold green tea and gently apply it over the affect skin area.

Fixing the broken nails

For those ladies who have broken nail on hand situation, you only need a green tea bag. First apply a base coat on the broken nail and then place the tea bag over it. This will absorb the excess moisture. This trick will allow the broken nail to be healed overnight.

Improve oral health

Improve oral health

With all the coffee and soda that an adult of today drink, it is bound to destroy their teeth but Green Tea comes to rescue your oral health as well. Simply drinking unsweetened green teacup a day can get rid of the harmful effects of caffeinated beverages on the teeth. Greene tea has molecules named Catechins that make the teeth stronger and also protects them from the adverse effects of caffeine. There is a good chance that drinking one cup of green tea can put you off soda for good.


You can make your own green tea mouthwash at home for improved oral health. You need the following ingredients for it.

  • 2 tbsp of Green tea
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 tbsp of peppermint and rosemary
  • 10 drops of the tincture of Benzoin

Boil the water first in a pot and then add in it the green tea and all the herbs. Cover the lid of the pot tightly and let the mixture steep overnight in the fridge. In the morning strain this liquid and add in it the 10 drops of Benzoin tincture.

Using 2 tbsp of this mixture is effective for treating sore gums.

Stop the bleeding from a fresh wound

Stop the bleeding from a fresh wound

If you suffer a cut that has profuse bleeding, then use green tea to stop it. Tannins present in green tea will allow the blood to stop by instant coagulation. For that you either use a used green tea bag or a clean cloth dipped in green tea and placing t over the bleeding area.

Reducing the sagging eyelids

While most people use cucumber slices to treat the sagging eyelids, green tea is also equally useful in that regard. For that purpose, you can simply use the used up but dry green tea bags and place them over the eyes.

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