Unhygienic Habits That Are Proven to be Good for Health

There is a hoax that it takes normally a whole 21 days for a habit to stick for life but no concrete fact has been given to strengthen this fact. As per the recent studies, it takes a total of 66 days for a new way of life or a behavioral change to stick with you as an automatic response. Many people have awful habits but not all of them are actually as awful as someone might think of them to be.

Today we have come across a list of some really unhygienic habits that are actually really good for one’s health and we are astonished to learn a few of them. We simply could not resist the urge to share it with our beloved readers. So, today we present a few of the unhygienic habits that are proven to be good for health.

Peeing while taking a shower

Even speaking about this habit, which is peeing while taking a shower, sounds really ridiculous. But as it turns out, this habit does have its own effects on human health. Lately, researchers have found out that nearly 75 percent of the world population has done this unhygienic act in their life at one point.

Still, if you feel ashamed about it, do not. The reason is that the ammonia and uric acid that is the main component of urine prevents the feet from getting fungal infections, especially on your toes.

This might sound gross but peeing while showering will save you both time and the toilet paper expense.


Spitting is a really unhygienic habit to have especially if someone spits in public places. But there is one occasion when spitting is actually a really great thing to do and that is during the exercising. Spitting in between your exercises helps you breathe in a flowier manner.

A person normally breathes in the air through their nose which makes the air warm as well as humid and in turn causes the body to absorb the oxygen effectively. However, when the person is exercising, they tend to breathe through their mouth which can result in excessive saliva production and that can, in turn, affect the breathing pattern of said person. This is why it is really a normal habit to spit after doing a long run to empty your mouth from any saliva secretions.

Chewing gum

It has been scientifically proven a lot of times that there are no nutritional benefits of chewing the gum. Still, there are studies that prove that chewing gum actually is effective for making better test and study taking aid as compared to coffee.

Chewing a piece of gum keeps a person focused as well as makes their memory sharp.  In addition to this, there are benefits for mental health like reduced stress along with balancing the body’s hormone by causing the cortisol levels to increase.


Even if a person is not aware of it, their body actually releases the harmful gases out of their body about 14 times every day and 3 to 4 times it happens when one is asleep. The human body, as a rule, prompts its digestive system to start producing the carbon dioxide and the methane gases from the digestive tract, after every 6 hours of eating. These gases, if accumulated can lead to serious health disorders, but the natural process of farting eliminates them effectively from the body.

So if next time, you plan on stopping a fart voluntarily, then get ready for some serious case of bloating or abdominal pain.


Burping like farting is also a great habit, especially if a person has eaten a huge meal. Burping causes the stomach to relieve itself from the air pressure after eating a large quantity of meals. If a person forcefully suppresses the burps, this can result in the gastric acid inside the stomach to be splashed and get into the digestive tract. This often results in a person to feel the heartburn or chest ache.

Still, if a person tends to burp a lot during the day, then it is best they should visit a doctor because this can be one of the early signs of acid reflux disorder.

Biting on nails

Another unhygienic habit is biting on nails which really sound disgusting because when a person bites on their nails, they are also consuming the dirt and the bacteria underneath the nails. But what you did not know is that by consuming these bacteria, you are casing an increased production of White Blood Cells, the main fighting force of the immune system, that fight off against these harmful bacteria. This also causes the human brain and immune system to register the particular bacteria in the biological memory bank. When these particular bacteria invade the body, then it already had the information on it and can actively produce the appropriate lymphocytes to fight it.

There are also some studies that prove that kids who suck on their thumbs or nibble their own nails, they tend to have reduced risk of getting allergies.

Picking one’s own nose and eating the boogers

This must be the grossest and the most unhygienic habit in our article today; picking out your nose and then eating your own boogers. No matter, how unhygienic it sounds this habit has been proven to be really effective for the immune system. The reason is that the snot, which a person eats, is filled with Salivary Mucins which can actively fight against the cavity-causing bacteria.

When a person eats their snot, there body’s immune system creates White Blood Cells to fight against these bacteria and protect the body from getting any cavities as well.

Skipping showers

There is nothing compared to the unhygienic habit of skipping showers. While showering sounds good for the body every day as it might help get rid of dust and all the other irritants of the body, it still causes more harm than good.  When a person showers every day, they tend to also wash away those essential oils that are produced by the human skin and hair. These oils are necessary to keep the body hydrated as well as protected from bacteria.

Even if a person takes a hot shower without using any soap, they are washing off some useful skin bacteria that are needed to keep the human skin elastic and radiant. This is why it is often recommended by dermatologists to take a shower every other day instead of doing it daily.

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