Unusual Uses For Honey Only A Few People Know About

Majority of people are aware s to how beneficial honey is in everyday life. It is not just a natural sweetener but also has many other medical uses due to its strong healing and antibiotic properties. This is the main reason that ancient Egyptians used Honey as a medicine for many health situations.

Today we have also collected a few unusual uses for honey only a few people know about.

Honey can be used to make cough drops

Honey is a well known natural ingredient that is helpful for curing cough and sore throat. For those who want to use honey for making natural cough drops, they can easily search for it on the internet.

Honey as a facial scrub and mask

Honey can also be used as a cleaning scrub and a mask for the face. Honey is not like other ordinary chemical based scrubs and faces masks as it is all natural and has an antibiotic effect too. It helps to remove the dead skin cells, bacteria as well as the impurities deep inside the pores.

Honey as an antibiotic

Honey has been used as an application over a wound in order to speed up the healing process. It also is a natural disinfectant that prevents any bacteria from spreading. According to researches, honey is able to prevent and even kills bacteria like E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Honey has a gyroscopic nature, and raw or manuka honey, if applied, can also have antibiotic effects. The thing to remember is that darker the honey, more antibiotic properties it has.

Honey helps scars fade

For those who feel troubled by acne scars, they should try applying a mixture of honey mixed with equal parts of coconut oil on the skin. For the maximum effect, keep this mixture on the face for 15 minutes while compressing it with warm cloth for 15 minutes.

Honey neutralizes bad breath

Honey has also been proven to heal the bad breath like problems due to its antibacterial properties. For this unusual use, a person should make a mouthwash by mixing 1 tbsp of honey in 1/8 tbsp of cinnamon and half a cup of warm water.

Gargling on this mouth wash will allow the person to have a pleasant aroma in their mouth.

Honey can be used to make lip balm

During the winter season, many people suffer from chapped or dry lips. They often end up suing over the counter lip balms to relieve themselves. However, you can also make your own natural honey-based lip balm at home.

For making this lip balm, mix ingredients like honey, coconut oil, vitamin E and olive oil in wax. Let this mixture get a bit soft yet hard and apply this balm over your lips. They will keep your lips hydrated and soft.

Honey helps get rid of dandruff

Honey has also been proven to treat the natural and an exhausting condition like Dandruff. For those who have dry or dandruff scalp, they should rub honey on to their scalp and massage it well.  After 15 minutes, rinse your hairs with warm water.

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