Unusual Yet Effective Skincare Tips From Korea

Nowadays, South Korea has even left behind the famed European beauty brands in the competition. These days females from Asia are the first one to test out the new and amazing cosmetics while the rest of the world waits for them.

The reason is that Asians are famous for their opinions and original views about all these products which can be sometimes pretty shocking for other people. Today we present to our readers some of the unusual yet effective skin care tips from Korea.

Horse butter

While many of you might feel a little bit embarrassed for suing Horse Butter, this processed horse milk fat is actually a very great beauty product. The reason for the amazing benefits of the horse butter is because the chemical structure of both human and horse fat is quite similar.

Applying horse butter on skin adds a moisturizing effect as well as also helps to diminish scars along with healing small wounds.


Not many people and especially women would be lining up to buy a bottle of a cosmetic product with word ‘Venom’ written over it. However, in South Korea, such bottles can easily disappear as soon as they are put on shelves.

Venom has been sued for centuries all due to its healing properties. Korean cosmetic companies looked into these ancient recipes and used bee venom to create some great products.  These venom based products can heal the skin to make skin health better than ever.

Caviar cream

Now you can also use caviar as an expensive cosmetic product rather than an expensive food item.

Simply place 2 eggs of caviar on the face to add some moisture to the facial skin. In the evening use 3 eggs to whitening the skin.

Cheese cream

Korean Cheese Cream is not just a fancy name but it is, in fact, a real cheese cream. According to the feedback of users, this cream has amazing moisturizing as well as rejuvenating properties for skin.

Blood face mask

This blood faced mask might sound creepy but is actually one of the most sought out masks in South Korea. The mask is actually red in color so this is where it gets its name. One other thing about it is that the mask is based on the blood of the dragon. As it can make you look like something scary, so apply it only at night.  The mask is not only a marketing stunt but is also effective with its skin whitening as well as skin rejuvenating properties.

24-carat mask

As the name suggests, this skin mask product actually has 24 Karats of gold in it. The mask might be expensive but the effects of it for skin are also amazing.

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