Warning Signs Of Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar sure tastes good and everything that contains ample amount of sugar also tastes great. The use of this crystalline carbohydrate is widespread in the world of today. It even has encapsulated our minds. whenever we are hungry, our head is filled with thoughts of sugary desserts. These guilty pleasures often lead to a person eating more than the usual amount of sugar than they should eat.  This can, in turn, lead to a serious health disorder. It is better to keep the warning signs in check if a person eats too much sugar.

We have done this work for you and made a list of warning signs of eating too much sugar.

Joint and muscle pain

The first sign that the body gives is through an inflammatory process that happens inside the body. Consuming sugar in high amounts lead to a weakened immune system that then secretes inflammatory messengers in the bloodstream. These secretions then bread down the glycation end products that keep the glucose molecules bound.

Such inflammatory reaction process in the body then leads to a person developing muscle and joint pains and conditions like following.

  • Arthritis
  • Cataracts
  • Heart diseases
  • Poor memory
  • Wrinkled skin

Sugar Food cravings

Sugar tends to gets processed in the body really fast. This is the reason, even if you have eaten something full of sugar an hour ago, you still feel hungry afterward. Sugar is linked to releasing high amounts of dopamine which usually happens in case of addictive drugs. This chemical is linked with maintaining a good mood.

If a person eats too much sugar, then the brain trends to see this as a reward item and the more a person eats sugary foods, the more their body craves for it.

Acne Flare-ups

Foods enriched with sugar tend to cause the insulin levels to rise and start a process known as Glycation which binds the sugar and protein molecules. When the sugar enters the body, it results in a series of physiological processes that can ultimately lead to skin related issues or inflammatory processes.

A sudden insulin boost is linked with increased activity of the oil glands in the skin that can lead to an inflammatory process.

The most common of these skin conditions caused by high sugary foods is the acne flare-ups.

Weight gain

One of the most obvious signs of eating too much sugar is definitely an unexpected weight gain.

Sugar foods and snacks, instead of being digested; tend to store up in the middle section of the stomach. Eating too much sugar can lead to insulin boost which then causes the body to store fat in the belly instead of other places.

Tooth decay

Sugary foods are also linked closely with decaying teeth and cavities. However, what you might not know is that the sugar is not completely responsible for this teeth decay. It is actually the residue of these sugary foods that cause the teeth to rot. The food residue, if not cleaned properly, can lead to the plaque buildup which then erodes the hard surface of the teeth causing tiny holes to appear.

Sugary foods such as cereals, candies r breath mints often get stuck in between cavities and are often hard to clean. They can speed up the process of decay.

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