Warning Signs That The Tongue Is Trying To Tell

Human bodies tend to send various signals signs to us about various problems and sicknesses that we ordinarily can’t seem to know about. A few warning signs that actually help diagnose the human condition are through the tongue. The human tongue tends to give out many warning signs to a person’s condition and t is done solely by the color of the tongue.

Today we will share with you the warning signs that the tongue is trying to tell us when we are sick or having other problems.

Strawberry red color

Strawberry red color

A strawberry red color tongue means that the body is not getting its enough vitamins. If more specifically the tongue color is shiny red it indicates that the body is suffering from iron or vitamin B12 deficiency.

When these efficiencies are treated, the tongue will return back to being smooth and the taste bud will also smooth. When the tongue is of strawberry red color, it might cause sharp pain when eating spicy foods or drinking hot beverages.

Black or brown plaque

Black or brown plaque

Black or brown colored tongue might seem like a grave a health condition but normally it is a sign for the following.

  • Bad hygiene
  • Smoking
  • Excessive coffee drinking

As a result of this color, the mouth might also tend to have a foul smell emanating from it along with difficulty in tasting certain items. The first thing a person can do to treat is to give up their bad habits that tend to build this plaque and brush both teeth and tongue on a regular basis.

White plaque

White plaque

IF the tongue is covered with a plaque that seems like white snow then this is a sign of yeast infection or also scientifically known as candidiasis. This type of plaque only appears when the bacteria Candida albicans starts growing in large colonies in the mouth of the human body that contains the yeast. The reason for the bacteria to grow in excessive numbers to cause yeast infection in the mouth might be due to the following reasons.

  • Taking antibiotics
  • Diabetes
  • Weakened immune system
  • High blood pressure

It is best to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Furrowed tongue

Furrowed tongue

A furrowed tongue is nothing to be scared about as it can be a sign of aging. Usually, the cracks in the tongue are safe but if the teeth are not brushed well enough, then these tongue cracks also get an infection.  A fungal infection developing in-between these cracks can cause both pain and a burning sensation on the tongue.

Sometimes furrowed tongue is also caused when the tooth implants are installed in the wrong way.

Small white spots

Small white spots

Small white spots mean that something is causing irritation to the tongue such as a tooth constantly rubbing against the tongue. However, most commonly these spots are only formed as increased production of cells among people who smoke excessively. Nearly 5 to 17 percent of these cells are precancer cells.

These cells still tend to disappear after a few weeks and if they don’t, then you should immediately go see a doctor.

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