Ways To Help You Control Your Anger

Anger is perfectly a natural and sometimes as it may, is a helpful emotion that brings out our inner state. It is anger that helps out a person instinctively identify the dangerous situations and respond accordingly to them. Anger can also act as a driving force for us humans to start doing something really good.

However, anger has its benefit, the uncontrollable anger causes stress and problems in human relationships with their colleagues, relatives, friends, and the outside world and sometimes even with one’s self.

Today we have gathered a few effective ways to help you control your anger which are as follows.

Write down the reasons ‘why you’re angry’ and destroy them

When you are angry, start writing through your anger.  Write down all the things that cause you anger in great details. This tip allows you to have relief from an immense amount of tension pent up in your body.

When writing down the causes of your anger, write down each and every little detail as much as possible. Let your minds be free f these things that cause you anger.

After writing down the list, throw it away or better yet, destroy it completely to help relieve the stress once and for all.

Get some form of love and affection

Something as simple as a friendly hug is one of the easiest ways to manage your anger. When a person hugs another person in anger, their body’s levels of ‘Oxytocin’ are boosted. Oxytocin, itself is a neurotransmitter that relieves the mind from stress and annoyance like feelings. It helps you be content and happy; no matter what situation you are really in.

Chew some gum

There are now many conclusive studies that reveal that chewing a piece of gum helps a person get through terrible hostility towards everyone around them. The reason for that is, when you chew gum, you move your jaw and muscles in your face and body slowly release their tension. This ultimately dissipates your anger down.

Go for a walk or a run

Doing some sort of physical activity in extreme anger is one of the most effective ways to relive a person’s anger. Next time you are angry, run a mile, walk around for 20 minutes or do 20 pushups. Whatever the physical activity may be, it will help your brain produce endomorphin which is happiness hormone. These hormones help to burn the energy that may cause your mind and body to have feelings of anger, hatred, and annoyance.

Sing your favorite song

While it might sound a bit strange, singing is actually a great way to help reduce stress and anger. Whenever, you feel you are in a terrible mood, put on your favorite song while being in a secluded place and enjoy singing the lyrics of the song with as much loud sound as you can.

This technique will help you relieve the tension pent up in your muscles and also leave you with a pleasant mood.

Eat something crunchy

When angry, don’t just start gulping things down. Instead of overeating, eat some crunch snacks like carrots. This is particularly helpful when you are feeling mad with anger.

Humans naturally are evolved to like crunchy sounds and it provides them mental relief. It will also help a person ease the tension in their jaw.

Stand near a plant

Standing just near a pant for 10 minutes, helps your brain filled up with much need amount of oxygen. This also help you think more clearly as well as let you have an easier time getting rid of the anger.

As a tip, get some lavender or jasmine plants to inhale their scented air as they help relieve the anxiety and induce a restful sleep.

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