Why Do You Feel Cold All the Time & How Can You Stop It

Has it happened to you that as soon as your colleague at work opened the air conditioning, you start to shiver? Well, the thing is that the human body and its functions, while they work like the same for everyone, the body differs slightly for each human such as feeling cold or heat. Still, the reason why this human perception for heat and cold is different for every person is still not known fully but few strides have been made in this regard.

Today, we found out why do you feel cold all the time & how can you stop it.

The thyroid gland might not be functioning well

Hypothyroidism is the condition of the Thyroid gland in which this hormone-producing gland does not function properly. In this particular condition, the gland does not produce enough levels of hormones to keep the body from functioning properly and one of the side effects is feeling cold all the time. The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating the temperature as well as the metabolism of the body and in case a person lacks the necessary thyroid hormones, it feels cold. Other symptoms induced by Hypothyroidism include low heart rate as well as fatigue.

To fix this problem, one needs to see a medical doctor and that doctor will perform the necessary medical exams and tests for finding out the reason for the condition.

Not drinking enough amount of water

Water is not only great for overall body health, but it also happens to be important for regulating the body’s temperature.  Water provides a natural boost to the overall metabolic process of the body which helps to break down food for creating energy as well as heat. If a person is dehydrated for a long time, this leads to a lack of heat and energy in the body and thus that person feels cold all the time.

In order to fix this problem, the solution is really simple; the person needs to drink plenty of water. For those who cannot seem to make a habit of drinking tasteless water, you can drink flavored waters that are nowadays available in the market.  The main point here is to keep the body properly hydrated.

Might be suffering from anemia

Anemia is a blood disorder that can cause a person to feel cold all the time, especially in the area of feet and hand. Anemia occurs when the body lacks in RBCs (Red Blood Cells which are tasked with providing oxygen to all the organs as well as tissues of the body. In anemia, there is a type called iron-deficiency anemia which causes poor absorption of iron mineral as well as other vitamins from the food. Apart from feeling cold all the time, other common symptoms experienced by the patient are pale skin, fatigue, headaches, and increased heart activity.

If a person suspects that they have anemia, they should visit a doctor who can then perform all the necessary tests to see if that person really suffers from anemia or not.

Not getting enough quality sleep

The merits of good sleep are the ones that do not need to be spoken about. One good thing about having good sleep is that it regulates the temperature of the body. So if you start to shiver all of a sudden and feel cold out of nowhere, then the problem might be in your sleeping patterns.

In order to fix this cause for feeling cold all the time, one needs to make the right of their daily schedule by making sure that they are getting proper sleeping time. The effective sleeping period is 8 hours a day.

Might have the Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Raynaud’s phenomenon or also known as Raynaud’s Disease is really easy to distinguish. It causes the fingers and toes of the hands and feet respectively, turn white and then blue. This is a rare type of disorder that affects the blood carrying arteries resulting in reduced blood flow to both toes and fingers and thus causing the cold feeling. During the disease’s onset, the fingers turn white and blue but as soon as the blood flow comes back, the extremities regain their original color with a slight numbing sensation.

A few of the triggers for the Raynaud’s phenomenon are as follows.

  • Stress
  • Cold
  • Chemical contact
  • Genetics

The treatment for this disease includes medicinal intervention, surgery along with serious lifestyle changes. Still, the disease does not go away; only the onset of the disease becomes less frequent.  

Might be underweight

When a person is extremely thin or underweight, their boy lacks the necessary amount of fat needed for insulating the body for protection against cold. A few of the other causes related to feeling cold all of a sudden all the times include losing weight on an exercise regime, cutting down on carbs, not eating the right amount of food. All these can cause the breakdown of metabolism and thus affects the temperature regulation.

In order to fix the condition, one needs to start eating a balanced and healthy diet as per their age group.

Might suffer from poor blood circulation

A particular disease that leads to the arteries supplying blood to organs and tissues fail is the Peripheral artery disease. This disease’s onset can cause a person to feel cold. The blockage in arteries is caused by the buildup of Plaque and makes them narrow. These narrow arteries than affect the flow of blood to the feet and hands and thus the person feels cold in these regions particularly.

In order to fix it, one needs to make serious lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and drinking along with their sedentary habits. Other treatments include consulting a doctor for medicine and surgical intervention.

Strange Fact: Women feel cold more as compared to men

As per studies, women feel cold more as compared to the men and the normal temperature at which women feel comfortable is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason has been found out to be the female hormone called Estrogen which thickens the blood of females and thus causing reduced blood flow. In addition this, women also have a lower metabolic rate as compared to men which means their bodies burn less amount of calories for keeping the body warm.

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