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Coping with a sore ankle is difficult. These small joints bear your whole physique weight again and again as you carry one foot off the bottom to take the subsequent step. Our busy lives imply that when ankle ache develops, you possibly can’t simply keep away from utilizing the ankle till it feels higher. It’s typically not simply ache that you just’re battling however emotions of weak spot and instability that may go away you feeling unsteady and uncertain of your footing, too. So what could possibly be inflicting your ankle ache if you happen to haven’t had one thing apparent like an ankle sprain just lately? 

At this time our Podiatrists have shared 5 widespread causes for ankle ache that comes on throughout strolling.

1. Power Ankle Instability

Power ankle instability develops once you’ve had a number of sprains or different accidents to your ankles. On account of the accidents, the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint, whose job is to maintain your ankle secure and supported, are weakened. Over time, this may result in aching and ache once you’re strolling, given that is the time that these ligaments should be engaged to assist cease your ankle from rolling. 

In case you have unstable ankles, chances are you’ll discover that the ache is worse once you’re strolling over uneven floor. Ankle instability can progressively worsen if left unmanaged, making you weak to recurrent ankle sprains and falls. Treating ankle instability includes offering quick stability again to the ankle to enhance your consolation and ease your ache now and dealing to strengthen the ankle that will help you regain stability and management in the long run.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis within the ankle joint additionally causes ankle ache. We see this in three types:


This ‘put on and tear’ kind of arthritis impacts the cartilage that covers the bone ends in a joint. Over time, the breakdown of your cartilage means it could actually now not cushion and shield the bones, leaving the bones to painfully rub towards each other. The result’s ankle joint ache and stiffness, as the form and integrity of the joint change.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) happens when the physique assaults its personal cells, and when this impacts the ankles, the joint degrades and turns into painful. The signs of RA typically happens in each ankles and have a tendency to have an effect on a number of joints, just like the toes or knees.


When you’ve extra uric acid in your physique, it converts to painful, sharp crystals within the joints underneath sure circumstances. Whereas gout’s typical first port of name is the large toe joint, it could actually additionally have an effect on the ankles, resulting in ‘flares’ of extreme ache, redness and swelling.

3. Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

Don’t be postpone by the identify – the sinus tarsi is solely the time period for a tunnel between two of your bones slightly below your ankle, in the direction of the outer aspect of the foot. Sinus tarsi syndrome describes a state of affairs the place injury to the tunnel, or the ligaments, blood vessels or nerves in or across the tunnel, leads to signs like ache, burning, tingling or weak spot on the ankle.

Treating sinus tarsi syndrome includes serving to preserve the foot supported in an optimum place for the broken constructions to heal. Utilizing customized foot orthotics to realize this permits our sufferers to maintain strolling, typically with diminished or minimal ache. Your podiatrist will at all times advise you of the most effective therapy, given your distinctive circumstances and signs.

4. Flat Ft – Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

When you’ve a flat foot kind, you’re naturally extra weak to a painful situation known as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD). Your posterior tibial tendon is a tendon that runs down the within of your decrease leg, crossing the within of the ankle. It performs a big and vital position in retaining you shifting. When the tendon is broken, typically from overuse referring to flat, unsupported toes, the ache is normally felt on the within of the ankle.

Treating PTTD includes serving to heal the broken tendon to alleviate the ankle ache and retaining the flat foot supported in order that the flat foot posture doesn’t trigger injury to the posterior tibial tendon once more sooner or later.

5. Stress Fracture

Stress fractures differ from common fractures in that they develop steadily over time, beginning as a small crack and progressively worsening because the bones proceed to be loaded and used. On the ankle, they most frequently have an effect on the underside of the fibula on the outer ‘bump’ of the ankle, and on the talus bone throughout the ankle joint. Ankle stress fractures really feel painful and tender, worsening when weight is positioned on the ankle, like when strolling. There might also be some swelling or bruising.

Successfully treating stress fractures means serving to the bone heal abd understanding what elements have triggered the stress fracture, to forestall it from merely recurring once more after it has healed.

Are Your Ankles Holding You Again?

If painful or unstable ankles are holding you again from work, time with your loved ones, or doing the belongings you love, our skilled podiatry crew can assist.  Book your appointment online or name us on 1800 366 837.


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