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Why Large Skin Pores Appear & How One Can Rid Themselves Without The Need For Expensive Procedures

Have you ever wondered where do those large skin pores appear from for which women go to extreme lengths for hiding them? To hide them from being visible, it is all about having the right primer, foundation, matte, powder and looking to set the makeup every hour. Then you need to wash off all that makeup in the evenings and start all over again in the morning. In addition to the use of makeup, skin masks and scrubs are all sued to reduce the appearance of these large skin pores.

Luckily for our female readers, we have found out why the large skin pres paper and how one can rid themselves without the need for expensive procedures.

Causes for large skin pores

The entire skin has small pores that secrete the oil-like substance which is called Sebum. Sebum is required for keeping the human skin moisturized as well as saturated with the oxygen. Sebum also allows the skin to absorb the healthy ingredients that are present in some great cosmetic products. Still, if the sebum production is much greater, then it does not sit well for skin health. These pores might get dirty which leads to them being enlarged and leading to other skin conditions such as acne.

A few of the main reasons for the large skin pores are as follows.

  • Excessive sebum production, which is caused by food, stress, excessive sunlight exposure and the use of wrong types of cosmetic products.
  • The reduction of skin elasticity is another cause that is triggered due to aging. Aging causes the collagen production to be slowed down making the human skin less elastic along with making the pores appear larger. Excessive sunlight exposure is one of the reasons that can cause collagen destruction.
  • As per research, scientists found out that pores in Asian women do not change their appearance even with aging. Still, the prose in women from India, they become bigger with age. These differences are all because of genes and no one can alter their genes. Still, if a person changes their food intake and skincare routine, they can allow their skin to have a better appearance.

How to Deal with Large Skin Pores

A few of the things that one can do to reduce the appearance of large skin pores are as follows.

  • For decreasing the production of sebum, one can change their food intake, their skincare routine, and products.
  • Protecting the skin collagen by using sunscreen when going out on a sunny day.
  • Stopping the large pore to appear by cleaning the skin regularly as well as motorizing it.

Good food

If you are someone who experiences their skin getting oily in the morning after 1 hour of having the skincare, then it might be due to the skin procedures that lead to sebum production.

Things one can do to reduce Sebum production are as follows.

  • Reducing the number of carbs one eats. Some of the foods with a high glycemic index such as white bread, sugar, and white rice result in the skin to produce excessive sebum.

  • One can start adding spices and herbs such as cinnamon, garlic, ginger, cloves and oregano in their food. All of these spices and herbs work best for the skin by reducing the amount of sebum produced

  • Drinking green tea in the morning and in the evening causes the sebum production to be reduced due to the compound in it called polyphenols. This compound helps with reducing sebum production and also reduces the risk of developing acne.
  • In order to reduce any skin related disorder, one should start adding more fish and vegetable s in their diet on a regular basis.

Regularly cleansing and Moisturizing

Those who suffer from large skin pores should clean their skin twice a day and also moisturize it for better effects. The remains from the cosmetic products along with the dead skin cells and the dirt blocking the pores can cause skin breakouts like acne.

After a person cleanses their skin, they should moisturize the skin with products that can provide protection from the UV radiation, loss of moisture and dirt. This helps to preserve the elasticity of the skin.

Things one can do to cleanse and moisturize their skin for protection against large skin pores are as follows.

  • Make use of the skin peels which have salicylic acid, glycolic acid or lactic acid in them. This is because all these acids tend to stimulate the regeneration of the skin cells as well as keep the large pores clean.

  • Do not use facial scrubs as the abrasive particles in them tend to damage the skin along with causing inflammation.  These inflammations lead to the skin pores getting enlarged.
  • The use of gels is much more preferred than scrubs as they work far better for the oily skin as compared to lotions.
  • Refrain from washing the face with a regular soap as it has a pH level of 8 to 10. This causes the destruction of that epidermis covering the skin and causes more sebum production. Only soaps with a pH level of 5.5 or lower are healthy for facial cleansing.

  • Using water-based gel or cream is a great option for moisturizing the skin as it does not cause the blockage of skin pores.

Using safe cosmetics

Cosmetics tend to be comedogenic if they contain stuff like oils, wax or talcum in them. Skin requires the use of cosmetics which decreases the sebum production instead of increasing it.

Some of the useful compounds in cosmetics are as follows.

  • NDGA (Nordihyroguaiaretic acid) and sarcosine are the substance in cosmetics which help reduce the sebum production.
  • The following are some of the extra ingredients that, if present in cosmetic products regulates the functioning of sweat glands in an efficient manner.
  • Niacinamide
  • zinc gluconate
  • zinc sulfate
  • caffeine
  • biotin
  • Enantia chlorantha bark extract

In addition to this, one should take care of not buying cosmetic products that do not have the following substances in them.

  • Talcum tends to block the pores, instead make use of the products which are mineral-based.
  • Alcohol must be kept away from the skin at all costs as it causes disruption pot the natural process of the skin for removing the dead skin cells.

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