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Worst Things That Any Woman Can Do to Her Hair

Every woman on the face of the earth wants to have hairs that are not only shiny and beautiful but also are strong. The best way to achieve this is to have a well-balanced diet and taking good care of the hairs. Still, there are a lot of hair care routines that most ladies often ignore and this leads to their hairs getting damaged. Some of these worst things to hairs are done by them without even noticing it.

Today we decided to compile a list of all the worst things that any woman can do to her hair. After treading this, you should too avoid doing such things.

Waiting far too long to cut or trim the hair

If a lady suffers from any of the following hair problems, then they are long overdue on their appointment for hair cutting.

  • Frizzy or split end hair
  • Untidy looking with no clear shape
  • Hair getting tangled up quite easily
  • Lots of single knots

The aforementioned problems normally arise when a lady has long hair. Your hair locks can become further long if you make a habit of trimming them on a daily basis. This is not because you have faster hair growth but is due to end not splitting or breaking.

The best solution for this problem is to make an appointment with your hairdresser ASAP.

Dyeing on their own

In most cases, DIY hair techniques might come in handy but to color hair on your own is not a great idea; unless you are someone who is a professional hairdresser or have a fair share of dyeing your hairs. In most cases, the dyeing will be done improperly and you will need to go to the salon. Only this time, the trip there will cost a lot more than it should have earlier because of all the damage that you have done to your hair. It is best to let the professionals handle this kind of hair treatment from the start.

This solution also requires the appointment of a hairdresser.

Styling or even Brushing wet hair

When the hairs are wet, they are prone to breakage which you can experiment the next time you wash your hair. You can do by stretching on one wet hair and it will break off easily as compared to the dry ones. Well, brushing them with a hairbrush does the same side effect but it will be breaking hundreds of these hair strands.

Also, the heat of the hair tools like hairdryer, hair straightener or hair curler causes the water on wet hair to evaporate. Water tends to expand during evaporation and causes hairs to break. So better not use these hair tools unless you want to fry your hairs.

It is recommended to thoroughly dry your hair before brushing them or using the hair styling tools.

Use of dirty brushes

When a person brushes their hair, they are also brushing lots of those nasty dead skin cells and they tend to stick on the brush, even if one cannot see them. Dead skin makes up for a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria of all sorts. Not only suing such a brush is disgusting but these bacteria can be transported to your scalp if you use the same brush for a long time without cleaning it properly.

The best course of action in this situation is to wash the brushes. Another tip is to place a tissue over the hair rush before using it and then discard the tissue afterward. This will leave the brush clean.

Washing hair with hot water too often

The human scalp has glands that produce from them the natural oils which are really important for curly hairs. These oils get removed easily by washing hairs with hot water and make them brittle and dry. Overwashing also has the same side effects for the scalp. As per the countless hairdressers, they recommend washing the hairs only 2 times in a week. If someone has really oily hairs, the maximum washing count is 3 times a week.

Bare minimum use of hair conditioner

Conditioners and shampoos are two very different products altogether and they serve their own role which cannot be replaced by the other. Shampoos are to clean the hairs and conditioners are to moisturize them.

If you are going to use only one thing then it won’t make a difference to overall hair and scalp health.

The best recommendation, in this case, is to first shampoo your hairs and then use a conditioner to moisturize them thoroughly.

To not change the hair products as the hairs change

Nowadays, the supermarkets are filled with countless hair care products that come for every type of hair related problem. Each of them has different ingredients depending upon their function. If your hairs get changed over the course of time, so should your hair care products.

Brushing hair from roots too often

Most ladies have the habit of brushing their hair from the roots. By doing this they are actually creating a large knot along with pulling their hairs out. Doing this also weakens the roots of other hairs. Overbrushing has the same side effects. So, if you don’t need such intense brushing in the first place, then don’t do it at all.

The best technique for brushing your hair is to brush them from their ends and then work the way up to the hair roots while untangling the knots.

Most of the times using a tight hairstyle

For those ladies who have a habit of tying their hairs too tightly in knots, they are actually putting a lot of strain on their hair roots by pulling them out; literally. Even if you prefer the ponytail hairstyle, do not tie hairs with metal parts. Also, alternate the height of hair tie each day; sometimes a little up and sometimes a little down.

Haircare specialists recommend tying hairs in a ponytail every other day instead of doing it on a daily basis.

Too much exposure from the sun

If a person spends a lot of time outside in the sun, they remember about putting sunscreen. What they don’t remember is to protect their hair. Exposure to intense sunlight for a long time not only affects human skin but also the hairs on your head.

In order to avoid the effects of sun exposure to hair like discoloration, dried up and split end hairs, go outside every time in the sun while wearing a cap.

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