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Have you ever ever heard a fable about your ft and puzzled if it was true? Our podiatrists usually get requested about frequent foot and leg myths – some weird, some ‘secret treatments’, and others that will appear like frequent sense. So at the moment, we thought we’d debunk ten of those frequent foot myths and stomp out what fact – if any – there’s to them. 

1. Your Ft Shrink As You Develop Older

Reality: Your ft received’t shrink with age – at the very least not within the conventional sense – however for some individuals, they might seem smaller from shedding a few of the fatty padding over time. Others could discover their ft getting greater or wider as a substitute, because the ligaments that assist the ft and arches aren’t as sturdy as they was once.

2. Lower A ‘V’ In The Centre Of The Nail To Treatment An Ingrown Toenail

Reality: Having an ingrown toenail implies that a part of your toenail has painfully pierced the encircling pores and skin and is rising into it. Chopping a notch or a ‘V’ out of the centre of the toenail doesn’t change this reality, so it doesn’t remedy an ingrown toenail. The one option to cease the ache is to get the painful piece of nail out with the assistance of your podiatrist.

We expect this fable originated from the motion of different cells within the physique that come collectively after they’re eliminated or scraped off, however that’s not how nails work. Your toenail grows from the bottom of the nail, and the remainder of the nail is pushed out. The realm on the finish of the nail can not change course by itself accord.

3. My Sneakers Are Costly, So They’re Good For My Ft 

Reality: A number of the costliest footwear we’ve seen have been priced that method as a result of celeb endorsements, ‘luxurious’ manufacturers, and the best way they appear, not due to their well being advantages on your ft. Good footwear should not have to be overly costly – you simply must know what to search for. Try our information to picking good running shoes, school shoes or safety boots for extra data.

4. Soaking Your Ft In Epsom Salts Will Treatment Your Ingrown Toenail

Reality: Whereas many individuals swear by Epsom salts to assist relieve their ache, that is all it might assist with – briefly easing your ache and swelling. Sadly, the ache is simply a symptom. Epsom salts don’t take away the nail spicule that has pierced the pores and skin, so the ache will preserve coming again till it’s taken care of correctly.

5. Frogs Can Trigger Warts On Your Ft

Reality: So many people have heard it earlier than – and that is undoubtedly a fable. The one method it may very well be true could be if the actual frog was carrying the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which causes warts on the ft, however don’t fear, this virus is simply carried by people. Plantar warts are unfold by means of direct contact with the virus, whether or not by means of an individual that has the virus, or by sharing the identical flooring (or surfaces like footwear) as somebody affected.

6. My Toe (Or Foot) Isn’t Damaged As a result of I Can Nonetheless Stroll On It

Reality: In case your check for whether or not you’ve damaged a bone in your foot is whether or not you’ll be able to stroll on it or not, you’ll wish to change your sport plan. You can stroll on a damaged toe or bone within the foot. The ache stage will rely upon which bone has been fractured, the severity of the break, and your threshold for ache, however many individuals can and do preserve strolling, which may worsen the harm or result in different problems. In the event you suspect you could have damaged a bone, get it checked and recognized ASAP.

7. You Can Improve Your Blood Alcohol By means of Your Ft

Reality: One of many funnier myths we’ve been requested, however no, so far as we all know, that is false. In 2010, Danish scientists soaked their very own ft in vodka after which measured their blood alcohol ranges. There have been no indications of any enhance in blood alcohol ranges.

8. Having Flat Ft Is Dangerous

Reality: Flat ft are not inherently dangerous – and neither are high-arched ft. Whereas having flat ft alone isn’t one thing you must fear about, it’s good to do not forget that flat ft contribute to a spread of foot issues and pains. In these circumstances, supporting your ft and arches will help relieve the ache and preserve it from returning. With that mentioned, some individuals undergo their lives with flat ft and by no means develop any foot issues.

9. Have Foot Ache? Stroll On Sand, That’ll Repair It

Reality: Whereas strolling on sand could assist strengthen your ft if you happen to don’t have foot ache by making them work more durable, strolling on sand with foot ache is much more more likely to flare up your ache, quite than make it higher. While you make broken muscular tissues work laborious, you’ll be able to worsen your harm and exacerbate your signs. 

10. My Ft Are Sore As a result of I’m Getting Previous

Reality: Foot ache is not regular at any age. Whereas our our bodies do change as we age, ache isn’t one thing that ought to simply be accepted or put up with – particularly as we get older and retire. There may be at all times a trigger of ache that isn’t simply “age”. When you recognize the trigger, you’ll be able to plan to deal with it, relieve the ache, and stop it from supplying you with issues sooner or later. Placing up with foot ache and accepting it as a part of your life is simply a slippery slope to extra ache and issues.  

Want Assist With Foot Ache?

Your native My FootDr staff will help. We don’t comply with any myths, and as a substitute use evidence-based therapies to care on your ft now – and stop your drawback from recurring sooner or later. E-book your appointment with our skilled podiatry staff by calling us on 1800 FOOT DR or book your appointment online.


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