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    Little-Known Uses Of Baking Soda For Making You Look Gorgeous (part 2)

    Well, ladies, we made a list of the amazing uses of baking soda for the beauty benefits of the ladies. Now we are back with some more of the little known uses of baking soda for making you look gorgeous. Treating Dark Circles under the eyes The undereye bags aka the dark circles are normally […] More

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    Home Remedies to promote Hair Growth in Children

    While the hair loss in children might sound a little strange, it is nonetheless a reality. Some children suffer from poor hair growth and also suffer from hair loss. According to experts, there are many causes for hair loss in children some of which have been identified as follows. alopecia areata  tinea capitis telogen effluvium […] More

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    Home Remedies to prevent Hairs from Premature Graying

    The premature hair graying is a condition that occurs in young adults who are in between ages of the 20s to 30s. The condition results in them t appear older than they actually are. Few of the factors that can result in this condition are as follows. genetic predisposition  poor nutrition  hormonal fluctuations  Smoking Pollution […] More

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    Natural Remedies To Repair Damaged Bleached Hair

    According to a study conducted back in 2011, bleach, which has chemical name Hydrogen Peroxide, is responsible for causing stains to our hairs as well as decompose the natural melanin to destroy their overall health. One of the most common symptoms of overly bleached hair is swelling. This is the reason that bleached hairs often […] More

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    Home Remedies To Prevent Head Lice

    Head lice problem is nothing short of a scary nightmare but this one is with eyes open. Who in the world wants to spend their time scratching their head in public? Not only is it humiliating it also can lead to a person with head lice having head sores. Head lice can come in contact […] More

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    Natural Yet Simple Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

    With each passing day, people are trying to find more and more ways to keep their skin healthy and young. Cosmetologists around the world are providing people with thousands of ways to keep their skin in shape. Despite all this, there are laws of nature that we cannot simply deny. According to research studies, the […] More

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    Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff

    Nearly 50 percent of the world population is affected by the Hair Dandruff problem. Dandruff is a condition that can occur at any age but the people most affected with this are somewhere in between the ages of 20 to 30 years. In this condition, the scalp gets dry that can lead to hair loss. […] More

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    Natural Remedies to help fight Itchy Scalp this winter

    An itchy scalp is a condition that can lead to a lot of discomfort and irritation. There are many factors that can lead to the onset of an itchy scalp like dandruff and dry skin dermatitis. However, there are a number of natural remedies that one can perform before they go pay a visit to […] More

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    Hair Hacks To Stimulate Hair Growth And Make Them Look Healthy A

    According to Folklore, Rapunzel’s hairs used to measure at 70 feet or 840 inches with more than 1000 individual strands. Doesn’t it sound impressive especially if you cinder the fact that she did not have any professional shampoos and conditioners? Yes, yes we know it is a fairytale but it has already been proven by […] More

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    Foods That Cause Greasy Hair and Those That Prevent It

    At some point in life, we all have to deal with Greasy Hair and we end up using shampoos, hiding hairs in ponytails or wash them really often. However, there are some tips that you can apply to help you deal with the oil hairs without doing extra work. For example, just eating certain types […] More