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    Reasons That One Needs To Eat Peanut Butter Daily

    You might have all heard about the benefit of eating the Peanut Butter but did you know that it is a whole treasure trove of health benefits. It can help you in lowering the risk of developing breast cancer, reduction of weight loss, helping with insomnia and much more. Well, the Peanut Butter is really […] More

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    Foods That One Can Eat Even at the Night time safely

    To some people eating at night bounds like a rhea nightmare but for some people it is a habit. But what the later people do not know is that this late-night snacking that can be really harmful to them if they re binging on late night donuts or sausages. Still, there are some foods that […] More

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    Effective Ways to Easily Get Rid of the Bad Breath from the Stomach

    Bad breath is one of the most embarrassing conditions in the world and nearly 80 percent of the total world population suffers from it. Although the problem can be fixed with a simple rinsing of the mouth, the dilemma is that no one can carry a sink or rinse their mouth just about anywhere. While […] More

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    More Foods No One Should Eat Raw

    Last time we presented a list for some foods that no one should eat raw. While many foods are being eaten raw, doctors recommend against it. The reason is simple, the human stomach is just not used to eating many foods raw after millions of years of frequently cooked meals while some foods just are […] More

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    Foods That Cause Puffy Eyes and Ones That Fix Them

    Have you ever experienced a scenario where you get a good night sleep but end up waking with heavy undereye bags and start wondering, why did this happen? Well, the reason for having the undereye bags is not only the lack of sleep but also the food one eat that can result in this condition. […] More

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    Reasons As To Why Asians Are so Slim

    Statistically speaking, the slimmest ethnicity on the planet is of Asian people. Most of you are going to say that this is genetics. While this is true but that is one part of the reason. The major reasons for their slimness are their centuries-old traditions as well as their habits towards foods that have allowed […] More

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    Foods No One Should Eat Raw

    Eating raw food is becoming a quickly adapting trend in the world nowadays. It seems that sooner or later all foods are going to be eaten raw. Still, this should not happen for all foods as there are plenty of processed foods, which if eaten raw, can be detrimental for human health.   Today we […] More

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