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The duodenal ulcer is without doubt one of the commonest causes for belly ache. When duodenal ulcers are handled, then they’ll get higher in a matter of weeks. The duodenal ulcer is a sore which varieties within the lining of the duodenum. We all know that the primary a part of the small gut is the duodenum. The small gut is the a part of the digestive system during which meals travels by way of straight after it leaves your abdomen. You will get an ulcer in your duodenum, in addition to in your abdomen. The duodenal ulcer and abdomen ulcer are each varieties of peptic ulcer. If in case you have both of those ulcers, then you may have what is known as peptic ulcer illness.

Your physician will speak with you about your signs and she or he will study you, so she or he could make a analysis for the duodenal ulcer. Additionally, your physician will make some exams, similar to a blood check, stool pattern or breath check to search out out you probably have H. pylori in your physique; a gastroscopy, the place a specialist makes use of a skinny and versatile tube with a digicam on the top to look inside your abdomen and duodenum. If in case you have a gastroscopy, then the surgeon can take a pattern of tissue to test you for H. pylori. [1] This course of is named biopsy. It’s best to drop some pounds if you’re chubby, so this could lower your probability of getting duodenal ulcer. Additionally, you want to quit smoking and consuming alcohol, as a result of they’ll worsen the signs of duodenal ulcer. You possibly can drink alcohol in restricted quantities. [2] You want to keep away from any meals which might set off duodenal ulcer and its signs, similar to spicy meals, espresso, tomatoes, chocolate and fatty meals.

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Duodenal ulcer signs

If in case you have a duodenal ulcer, then you possibly can have a few of the following signs:

  • Shed some pounds
  • Have ache within the abdomen or stomach (this would possibly come and go)
  • Really feel sick
  • Have indigestion
  • Really feel very full and bloated after consuming

There are very uncommon circumstances when the duodenal ulcer could cause severe problems. In case your stools look bloody or a black shade, otherwise you vomit or you probably have a pointy ache in your abdomen that doesn’t go away, then you definately want instantly to go the closest emergency division. It’s best to discover physician which may also help you along with your signs and she or he can provide the proper remedy on your duodenal ulcers.

Duodenal ulcer causes

We all know that the abdomen makes a powerful acid which might kill germs and it will possibly enable you to digest meals. The cells of the abdomen and duodenum make a barrier from mucus, as a result of they need to defend themselves towards the acid of abdomen. If this barrier is broken, then the duodenal ulcer can type. The micro organism referred to as H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori) are the primary reason behind this injury. These micro organism could cause the liner of your duodenum to turn out to be infected and the duodenal ulcer can type. [1]

Additionally, there are some circumstances when some drugs could cause a duodenal ulcer. Often, anti – inflammatory medicine, similar to aspirin and ibuprofen are causes for duodenal ulcers [3]. In uncommon circumstances, different medicines or medical circumstances could cause a duodenal ulcer. In case you smoke, drink a whole lot of alcohol or you’re pressured, then you may have elevated probabilities of getting duodenal ulcer [2,4]. However, these life-style elements are inflicting duodenal ulcer in much less circumstances in comparison with H. pylori micro organism.

You want to keep away from smoking and excessively drinking alcohol, as a result of they’ll worsen the signs of duodenal ulcer that you’ve got. Additionally, there are uncommon circumstances when different causes can result in duodenal ulcer, similar to Zollinger – Ellison syndrome. It is a uncommon situation during which extra acid than common is made by the abdomen.


There are some circumstances when problems can occur because of the duodenal ulcer and they are often severe. The most typical problems of duodenal ulcer embrace:

  • Perforation: The duodenal ulcer goes proper by way of (it perforates) the wall of the primary a part of the small gut (referred to as duodenum). The acid and meals within the duodenum leak within the belly cavity. Often, that is inflicting extreme ache and it’s a medical emergency. [5]
  • Bleeding ulcer: This complication can vary from a trickle to a life – threatening bleed.


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