Diabetes Health Type 1: Humalog and Tresiba Insulin is the Perfect Combination for Me


By Claire Lynch

Daniel Hopkins was 28 years outdated when he was identified final yr as Kind 1. He advised a physician that he was drained, thirsty and had frequent urination. At first Dan was identified as Kind 2 however after two months of not responding effectively to Metformin nor to low doses of Tresiba, a long-acting insulin, his physicians did some extra assessments and decided that he was Kind 1.

“My C-peptide check confirmed little or no insulin manufacturing and the GAD antibodies check was optimistic,” Dan explains. “They put me on Humalog, a fast-acting insulin and a bigger dose of Tresiba and that mixture works effectively for me. My highest A1C was 14.3 however now it’s down to six.2.

He’s been utilizing FreeStyle Libre for greater than a yr and added MiaoMiao and the Spike app to his iPhone.

Dan says, “Checking my blood sugar ranges with a finger stick works once I really feel low or once I get an alarm signaling excessive blood sugar ranges. The finger sticks are a great way to double test the readings.”

For breakfast Dan typically has an egg sandwich on an English muffin, for lunch he has a sandwich or a salad and dinner normally contains some meat or fish plus loads of recent greens. Dan provides, “I’m attempting to include extra fruit into my food regimen however I’m very cautious in regards to the sugar and carb content material in varied fruits.

“When consuming out I normally persist with salads. One of the best low-carb salad dressings I’ve discovered are ranch or oil and vinegar.”


Train is vital to Dan, a Vermonter, so he says, “I run and skateboard two or thrice per week plus hike a couple of times per week. It doesn’t matter what season it’s, operating whereas taking in all the stunning surroundings on this New England state is an effective way to get some train and blow off some stress.”

Dan and his spouse, Lindsey, get pleasure from going to the coast on lengthy weekends. He works a full-time job as a video editor for a inventive company and he’s additionally a self-employed marriage ceremony cinematographer on the aspect. His busiest time? June via October when weddings are in full swing.



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