Ask A Dermatologist: How Often Should You Moisturize Your Face?


How usually do you have to moisturize your face? And the way a lot is the “proper” quantity? You probably have oily pores and skin, do you have to moisturize as usually as dry pores and skin sort? Whether or not you undergo a bath of moisturizer per week or not often use any in any respect, you might need these questions pop up when constructing your skincare routine.

That’s why we’ve turned to Dr. Hooman Khorasani to unpack your moisturizer considerations. Dr. Khorasani is a triple board-certified, fellowship-trained beauty and pores and skin most cancers surgeon. After peppering After peppering Dr. Khorasani with queries, right here’s what he needed to say in our Q&A about probably the most generally requested moisturizer questions.

What Does Moisturizer Do To The Pores and skin?

Reply: Your pores and skin is your largest organ and an important barrier in opposition to dangerous brokers. Hydrated pores and skin boosts your pores and skin’s barrier perform greater than the rest. Ceramides and different lipids are the primary parts of our pores and skin barrier perform. Sebocytes in our sebaceous glands assist produce these lipids wanted for optimum barrier perform by defending your pores and skin from moisture loss. Even individuals who have oily pores and skin want hydration, because the oily pores and skin is usually a results of a damaging suggestions loop. For instance, the much less hydration your pores and skin will get, extra alerts are despatched to sebaceous glands to provide extra oil. 

Does Moisturizer Profit All Pores and skin Sorts? 

Reply: Usually talking, sure. Moisturizing your pores and skin will keep away from dryness, flakiness, redness and itching.  Completely different physique elements sometimes have completely different necessities in relation to moisturizing. That is purely a perform of sebaceous gland density within the pores and skin. Sometimes, the sebaceous areas of the face want much less moisturization than the remainder of the face. The sebaceous areas embody the brow, nostril, medial cheek, and across the mouth generally known as the “T- zone” of the face. Most of us have much less sebaceous glands on the trunk and decrease extremities and due to this fact, will want extra frequent moisturization on these areas. 

Some skin types could have extra baseline oil manufacturing and due to this fact, could have much less moisturization wants than different pores and skin sorts. Sebaceous manufacturing is managed by intercourse hormones and might fluctuate with hormonal cycles. That is extra generally evident in females however will also be seen in males.

In sure individuals with eczema, there’s a baseline loss in lipid biosynthesis and due to this fact, lack of barrier perform. These people are extra liable to pores and skin infections. Subsequently, sufferers with eczema have extra moisturizing necessities than the common inhabitants. For these sufferers, it’s equally necessary to stop moisture loss, as a lot as including hydration. Taking brief showers with lukewarm water and including humidifiers in the home can considerably assist with moisture loss. Occasional use of baths with antiseptic options may scale back the bacterial stressors and scale back the danger of pores and skin infections.

What’s The Distinction Between Humectants, Occlusives And Emollients? 

Reply: We sometimes use the phrase moisturizing to point the appliance of any sort of topical agent to the layers of pores and skin which improve hydration of those layers. Nonetheless, there are usually three distinct classes of moisturizer, specifically, humectants, occlusives and emollients.  Humectants have the flexibility to drag water molecules from the air and place them into the pores and skin’s floor. They’re principally microscopic humidifiers on the pores and skin’s floor. Examples of … natural humectants embody honey, molasses, egg whites and the yolk, and aloe vera. 

Emollients are varied butters, oils, lipids, and fatty acids which could be utilized to the pores and skin. Relying on the lively elements they comprise, they’re categorized into ointments, lotions, lotions, and gels. Ointments are probably the most hydrating however least aesthetically pleasing. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, gels are the least hydrating, however probably the most aesthetically pleasing as they’re utilized on the pores and skin shortly with out a lot of an aftermath.

Occlusives function a bodily barrier in opposition to water loss from the floor of the dermis, which is the primary layer of the pores and skin. They’re the extra layer of safety from exterior hurt. For natural skincare lovers, some favourite occlusives embody beeswax and thicker oils from coconut, soy beans and olives. These occlusives are a should for individuals with excessive dryness and eczema. 

Can You Over Moisturize? 

Reply: Completely, all the things in life ought to be carefully. I beforehand talked about in case your pores and skin is simply too dry, the damaging suggestions loop will sign the sebocytes to provide extra oil. Similarly, in case your pores and skin is simply too hydrated, your pores and skin alerts the sebocytes to cease the manufacturing of important lipids. Extreme software of topical brokers may occlude your pores and lead to breakouts.  

How A lot Moisturizer Ought to You Apply?

Reply: Make sure that your pores and skin is washed with a gentle cleanser as a way to get rid of toxins and micro organism on the pores and skin’s floor and be sure that your pores aren’t clogged. You probably have an excessive amount of flaky pores and skin chances are you’ll need to use a mild scrub or exfoliant, to do away with the lifeless pores and skin first. This lifeless layer of pores and skin will stop efficient absorption of moisture. After exfoliation, use a pea dimension quantity of moisturizer on both sides of the face. You could be way more beneficiant with topical functions on different physique elements.

How usually do you apply moisturizer? Tell us if the feedback beneath or on social media. You may as well discover our range of moisturizers at an Eminence Organics Spa Partner and discover one which fits your pores and skin sort. 


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