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Summer season means swimsuit season – and for lots of us, which means shaving for the primary time in some time.

All of us need a clean bikini line, however is it value it whenever you get ingrown hairs? This can be a compromise nobody ought to need to make, and fortuitously nobody has to! We’re speaking about easy methods to do away with ingrown hairs at house with a couple of easy ideas.

What Causes Ingrown Hair Bumps?

So as to perceive easy methods to do away with ingrown hair, it helps to grasp the way it occurs within the first place.

Ingrown hairs happen when the tip of a hair grows sideways into the hair follicle. The information of hair might be surprisingly sharp, particularly when intently or improperly shaven, and find yourself piercing the pores and skin.

Typically, this prevalence ends in an ingrown hair bump, which resembles a small pinpoint which will seem barely darkish in shade. In some circumstances, it might even type a pus-filled papule that may very well be mistaken for a pimple. In additional intense circumstances, some people might discover a peppering of pink or pink bumps all alongside the world that’s been shaved.

The place Ingrown Hairs Occur
Typically talking, ingrown hairs can occur anyplace on the physique that hair grows. However for most people, it primarily occurs on the a part of our physique that’s regularly shaved: the legs, the armpits, the pubic area and for males, the beard space.

Why Ingrown Hairs Occur
Ingrown hairs might happen for a couple of causes. And whereas a few of these elements are past one’s management, others are issues we are able to work to stop.

Firstly, texture is a serious participant. Ingrown hairs are extra widespread for these with curly hair. A part of the explanation ingrown hairs happen within the first place is as a result of the hair curls again in on itself or sideways into the hair follicle.

The way in which by which you’re eradicating your hair is an element as properly. Whereas shaving generally is a snap with regards to hair elimination, you’re much more more likely to find yourself with an ingrown hair than if you happen to have been to wax.

Whereas waxing uproots hairs from the follicle, shaving the hair too near the pores and skin is more likely to go away the hairs with a pointy, angular tip that’s extra more likely to pierce the pores and skin and end in an ingrown hair.

Sadly, waxing or tweezing gained’t get rid of the potential for ingrown hairs both. Waxing and tweezing can nonetheless go away a fraction of hair under the floor.

Apart from hair elimination, ingrown hairs might happen when the person doesn’t exfoliate sufficient, resulting in extra lifeless pores and skin cells and sebum on the pores and skin’s floor. This onset of lifeless pores and skin cells can doubtlessly block the hair follicle’s opening, forcing the hair to develop at an angle.

Ingrown Hair Bumps Vs. Razor Burn

When striving for that shut shave, each ingrown hair bumps and razor burn can doubtlessly happen. And whereas the 2 phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, there’s truly a distinction between the 2 circumstances.

Razor burn can happen from utilizing outdated blades, repeatedly going over the identical space, shaving in opposition to the path of development, and shaving too quick.

Razor burn will sometimes include a burning, itching sensation, and whereas small pink bumps might happen, they are usually smaller and fewer pronounced than ingrown hairs, which look extra like zits.

Realizing easy methods to do away with ingrown hair may additionally assist stop razor burn, too.

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Find out how to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair… for Good!

Now that we’ve a greater understanding of what causes it, let’s discuss easy methods to do away with ingrown hair.

First, let’s handle the query: “can I do away with ingrown hairs by plucking or popping them?”

Whereas this will appear to be a good suggestion (particularly since ingrown hairs can appear like a pimple), it’s usually not suggested. This methodology isn’t a assure that the hair will come out, and you possibly can enhance the chance of infecting the world. Nevertheless, there are methods to assist the hair come out by itself.

First, soften the pores and skin by making use of light warmth with a heat compress. This may assist the hair follicle chill out, making it simpler for the hair to return out.

Subsequent, gently exfoliate the ingrown hair bump. You are able to do this with both an exfoliating pad, a soft-bristled toothbrush, or a scrub. Our Coconut Body Scrub makes an excellent possibility for particularly delicate pores and skin. Utilizing an exfoliant containing salicylic acid can also be an excellent possibility for treating ingrown hair bumps.

Whereas this isn’t an on the spot repair. It’s a a lot safer and gentler possibility for eradicating ingrown hair.

In the end, prevention is the perfect treatment for ingrown hair – so right here’s easy methods to shave this summer season whereas stopping ingrown hair bumps!

1. Pre-Shave Hydration
Earlier than shaving, preparation is vital. This implies ensuring the pores and skin is hydrated beforehand.

Whereas there are many hydrating shave gels and lotions, it’s necessary that your pores and skin is moisturized properly earlier than the shaving course of.

Utilizing physique oil is a good possibility, particularly one which’s wealthy in antioxidants, like rosehip oil. Coconut oil or sunflower seed oil additionally make nice choices, since they assist situation and strengthen the pores and skin barrier.

2. Use the Proper Razor
In relation to stopping ingrown hair, the appropriate razor is crucial.

If you happen to’ve been utilizing disposable razors, think about investing in a razor with replaceable multi-blade heads. That is going to avoid wasting you cash in the long term, and it means much less plastic waste. And when these blades begin to get uninteresting, change them out!

3. Lubricate Your Pores and skin
Now that your pores and skin is hydrated and your razors are sharp, it’s time to use your shaving cream or gel.

Whereas it might appear to be overkill to make use of a shaving product on high of oil, this further safety goes to make an enormous distinction, and it’s going to assist the blades glide extra easily on the pores and skin.

Just be sure you select one thing non-irritating and extremely emollient. Our Pink Grapefruit Seaweed Shaving Cream creates the slickest shave doable with seaweed collagen, whereas nourishing pores and skin with inexperienced tea.

All out of shaving cream? A extremely emollient bathe gel like our Lavender Shower Gel is a good stand-in.

4. Go With the Grain
Now it’s time to shave! When doing so, it’s necessary to go along with the grain, not in opposition to. Going in opposition to the grain could seem more practical, however you may truly irritate the pores and skin this fashion. It’s one of many quickest methods to trigger ingrown hairs!

5. After-Shave Care
After shaving, it’s time to use some post-shave care. Give your freshly-shaved pores and skin a physique oil or an anti-inflammatory moisturizer, like our Lavender Body Cream. The concept right here is to be sure that your pores and skin is hydrated throughout each step of the shaving course of!

To stop any additional irritation, keep away from carrying any tight-fitting supplies like spandex or nylon, and as a substitute go for one thing extra loose-fitting that creates much less friction. That is particularly necessary on scorching days whenever you would possibly sweat.

To cut back painful swelling and redness – and to banish micro organism – between shaves, apply a natural acne spot treatment to ingrown hairs. Anti-inflammatory herbs like witch hazel and tea tree are particularly highly effective for calming ingrown hairs.

Try extra ideas for clean, clear pores and skin this summer season:


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