Jungle Geranium: Best 10 Health Benefits


Health Benefits Of Jungle Geranium

The scientific identify of jungle geranium is Ixora Coccinea. Its origin is from Indonesia and Sri Lanka. It’s extensively cultivated in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has a inexperienced colour when it’s younger and it turns to darkish pink or purplish-black because it mature. The style of jungle geranium is bitter, acrid, and candy. The jungle geranium is a small and dense plant. It’s a multi-branched and glabrous shrub. Usually, it grows about 4 – 6 ft in top, however it’s succesful to achieve 12 ft in top. The jungle geranium has a rounded type, with an expansion that will exceed its top.

The leaves of jungle geranium are sessile, reverse, and decussate. The leaves are 2.5 – 3.5 cm large and three.5 – 8 cm lengthy. The jungle geranium is the nationwide flower of Suriname. The jungle geranium can be utilized as a pure remedy for dysentery, dysmenorrhea, catarrhal bronchitis, and hemoptysis. The flower infusion is used to wash infants as a result of it could defend towards pores and skin illness.

Additionally, flowers of jungle geranium are edible and they’re used as condiments for flavoring in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India. Ripe fruits are edible and they’re eaten by the native ethnic communities, particularly youngsters in Kerala. Listed here are some well being advantages of jungle geranium:

Health Benefits Of Jungle Geranium

Preserve the well being of the uterus

The flower of jungle geranium can assist to maintain the uterus wholesome. The womb is without doubt one of the most essential organs which a lady has, so she will be able to use the jungle geranium for sustaining the well being of her uterus.

Good for cramps within the calves

The flower of jungle geranium has analgesic properties, which can assist to remove the ache. That is very helpful to beat the cramps within the calf naturally. You’ll be able to add a balm to the jungle geranium and therapeutic massage the affected space slowly. Additionally, you may make a lightweight stretch to get reduction from cramps.

Therapy for dysentery

The jungle geranium can be utilized as a house treatment for hemorrhoids, but in addition, it may be used as a dysentery pure remedy. This plant has numerous energetic compounds that are used to remedy varied illnesses and one in all them is dysentery.

Therapy for hemorrhoids

The lump within the anus is one attribute of hemorrhoids. It has ache when the affected person is sitting or whereas eliminate feces. When hemorrhoids are extreme, then the lump might rupture and bleed. When the case could be very extreme, then it may be solely handled with surgical procedure. You probably have hemorrhoids at delicate ranges, then you should use the jungle geranium as your pure remedy.


You’ll be able to crush the flowers of jungle geranium to make a paste. You must add one tablespoon of it to at least one glass of buttermilk and drink it two occasions per day.


You’ll be able to combine 500 grams root bark of jungle geranium with 300 grams lengthy pepper. You must grind these substances and make powder. You must take 2 grams of it, two occasions per day with lukewarm water.

Therapy for the physique ache

You’ll be able to devour water boiled from the jungle geranium, so it could enable you to within the pure remedy of physique ache. Additionally, you may therapeutic massage some areas that you’ve got ache with the assistance of jungle geranium.

Heals the injuries

You need to use the jungle geranium as a wound healer. The jungle geranium has numerous pure compounds which can assist to hurry up the method of wound therapeutic within the physique. You must pound the jungle geranium, make it as paste and apply it to the wound. However, try to be cautious when you find yourself utilizing jungle geranium by way of cleanliness, so the wound doesn’t worsen because of micro organism.

Pores and skin illnesses

You need to use jungle geranium as a house treatment in your pores and skin. You’ll be able to chop flowers of jungle geranium after which, boil them in coconut oil. You must use this house treatment over the broken or contaminated pores and skin.


You probably have a fever, then you should use jungle geranium as your pure remedy. You may make a decoction with the jungle geranium flowers. You must devour 20 ml of this house treatment each day, however speak together with your physician, so you’ll keep away from any doable unwanted effects.


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